Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Random Photo

There is a story to go with this statue taken in London last June.  When we were taking a ride from the airport to our hotel, it was one that our taxi cab driver pointed out.  He said, "Do you see how clean that statue is?"  We dutifully said, "Yes, it's rather nice, very clean."  "Well" he said, "This is Winston Churchill and the sculptor put an electric currant running through it, so that every time a bird tries to land on him, it gets a bit of an electric shock which stops the bird from landing."  Did my mouth drop open?  He assured us that it was ever so light, not strong enough to kill any bird.  There were no birds lying legs up on the ground at its base, nor might I add any birds on the statue!  I'm still not sure whether he was pulling the leg of the tourists who were listening to him, but he seemed sincere.  What do you think?


  1. Well, I certainly learned something! Per Wikipedia: An electric current is passed through the statue to deter pigeons. Oh my!

  2. Well thank you for verifying that Jacqueline :) And now I know for sure.