Friday, December 4, 2015


With Christmas coming up, the gift catelogs are rolling in.  I enjoy browsing through them but rarely buy anything I see.  Like last week, I thought I would show you a few that caught my eye.  

1. I have a collection of Santas in a box down in the basement, but haven't added to them in a long time.  Always enjoy looking in the stores and the catelogs, and I imagine a new one on my shelf just like the one here.

2.  I thought this was cute too.  I would probably think way too cute to use.

3. I still have a lot of old vinyl albums but nothing to play them on.  Maybe?  Check here to see.

4. I enjoy anything to do with Agatha Christie.  I know I would like
this collection for those cold winter nights when I feel like turning on the TV.

5. And this little guy, I can just see him standing on my shelf.  Look below to see his companion, the character also a favorite of mine.


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