Sunday, December 20, 2015

We are in Hawaii.....

and having a great time enjoying our 40th Anniversary trip. 

Last night we met up with good blogging friend Gigi of Gigi-Hawaii and husband David.  It was our second meeting as we first met on their trip to Washington DC a couple of years ago, and we were looking forward to seeing them again.  You can read all about that meeting here.

It wasn't long before Gigi and David arrived and it was a very happy reunion.  We enjoyed their company immensely. I was sad to see the evening end but the time flew, and it didn't seem long before we were saying our goodbyes.  We told them that we would be back one day and looked forward to repeating such a delightful evening. 

Thank you Gigi and David for such a very special evening, and for letting me use your photo Gigi.  It truly was the highlight of our holiday.  

I will write about The Willows Restaurant in a later post.  

Computer time is a bit limited right now but I will be catching up with you all when we rest up a spell.