Thursday, December 17, 2015


I thought I would kick off this post by telling you that it is our 40th Wedding Anniversary today.  We have a special celebration planned, more on that later.  

From now and up until the New Year I won't have a lot of computer time, but I have several posts done already.  They will continue up until the last day of 2015.  As I moderate my comments it could take a while for me to read and publish them, so please don't think they have gotten lost or have been forgotten.  They will appear when I am able to get to them.  Thank you so much for leaving those comments.  They are always an enjoyable read.

Also until after the holidays I will be taking a break from all my favorite memes, except for Today's Flowers which is my own.  

Two views, one looking at the top of an old historical home in Virginia Beach, and the other an old fence at a churchyard in Norfolk.

For Willy-Nilly Friday Five, I am continuing my list of things that I enjoy browsing at in catelogs, not to buy necessarily but just to enjoy looking at.  

1. Something for the Christmas tree at this link.  

2.  For the kiddos.  

3. Something else that does not need electricity. You can see that here.   

4. I know many of us would find this interesting.  Click on this link to see.  

5. Keep track of your blogging friends.  A great way to refresh or improve our geography.  Go here.


I am linking with Good Fences, SkyWatch Friday and Willy-Nilly Friday Five.  My thanks to our hosts for these fun memes.


  1. A very happy anniversary to you both. Have fun, and we will be hear when you return.

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary.
    Love your header.

  3. Hello Denise & many congratulations on reaching such a milestone anniversary !
    Great view up wards of the old building & the churchyard railings a pretty neat!
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas & new year!

  4. Excelente trabalho e belas fotografias.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  5. Great shots! I love old brick buildings.

  6. nice iron fencing! happy anniversary to you!

  7. Hello Denise, pretty images from your Williamsburg visit. Enjoy your break. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  8. Good morning! That's a pretty fence and a neat sky above the old building. Happy Anniversary- we are one away from forty ourselves!

  9. beautiful fence and i like the perspective of looking up up up at the sky. i like that radio that is not electric.

  10. lovely fence.

    Merry Christmas Denise.

  11. Happy anniversary! Have a great celebration.

  12. it is an hour since i commented and my crazy brain popped up and said hey dummie your forgot to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. i read it and got caught up in the comment and forgot. 40 years is wonderful.

  13. This time of year is busy and distracting for so many of us. You needn't fear a 'live'-blogging hiatus. We all love coming together like this too much with friends we've found and never want to lose. Have lovely holidays, all of you in the family [you know who - GULLY!]. And best wishes for many happy returns of your anniversary.
    Fond Aloha

  14. Many good wishes on your 40th Wedding Anniversary ... and no matter where you are, or how you are celebrating have an amazing time.

    Happy Anniversary

    ... and may I just add all good wishes for the Christmas Season too.

    All the best Jan

  15. Love the different view of the old home. Very interesting. And that vintage iron fencing. It is gorgeous. We have lots of it here in Lexington and I love every little bit of it. Your package went out Monday. You are the closest to me so watch the Snail Mail get it to you last :-)

  16. Happy Anniversary! We will celebrate our 40th next July.

    I love the links you give...always interesting to see what you link to.