Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Ornaments

I have Gregg's sister to thank for sharing these ornaments today.  They are ones I made for her and her family many years ago, and she sent me photos of them recently.  

In the early 1980's a lady asked me if I would like to share a craft table with her.  We were living in Northern California at the time.  That little craft show evolved into 14 years of making ornaments, and a small business that kept me painting from dawn til dusk.  While others were asking for jewelry on Christmas' and birthdays, I was asking for a bandsaw and a sander, I kid you not.  

Those years were a lot of fun but they ended when I started having problems with my fingers and I wasn't able to paint any more.  In the meantime I had given many ornaments to family and friends, and when I saw these hanging on my sister-in-law's tree,  she gave me a lovely gift.... 

as I was very happy to learn than she was still enjoying them.  To see them hanging on her tree was a joy.  

I took tole painting lessons to learn a few techniques, which was a lot of fun in itself.  Those first ornaments I made were rudimentary to say the least. I was inspired by illustrations in children's books and patterns from tole painting magazines.  My little business kept me busy for every spare moment that I had.  

Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, and I would immediately have to get my sketch pad out before I forgot it.  And then I would look through my books to see how to paint a penguin face!  As I said, pretty rudimentary.

Uncle Sam was actually out of one of those tole painting books.

I haven't painted any ornaments in over ten years now.  I miss it sometimes but Gregg looks at me with raised eye-brows when I suggest a new bandsaw for Christmas.  I am joking really.  He was very relieved when I got rid of the two I had, and the sander.  I am not as steady as I once was and he fears for my fingers, and I doubt they would work as they once did.  But it was lovely to see the ones on my Sister-in-Law's tree, and I send my thanks along with a hug for this special gift.