Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Old Writing Desk

The Old Writing Desk

It entered our home on a cold Autumn morn,
Left alone for many a year, waiting to be reborn.
Brought back to life, beautifully polished and
By husband and wife, proudly acknowledged.
A part of his dear Mother, and Grandmother too.
What stories it could tell, if only they knew.
Through the pages of time, how that time just flew,
The years that went by, its history a complete mystery.
Now lovingly placed near the old farmhouse clock,
It will be cherished and treasured, as a Shepherd
With his flock. Now a family heirloom, do they
Smile from above, and do they feel all our love?
Through this writing desk, its connection is clear, we
Will always remember them, they are all we hold dear.


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