Thursday, November 19, 2015


The following are from an old-time museum I visited when I went back home in the summertime.  A lot of what we saw was from the Victorian era.  I will have more photos from there soon but I wanted to use them for Tanya's meme today.  Thanks for hosting Tanya.

1. Victorian shoes which I am not sure were for a child or an adult, as I can't remember how big they were now.

2. Victorian Jewelry.  I am always browsing the jewelry displays, and love to love at old pieces in antique shops.

4. I was never really a doll person when I was young.  I loved my teddy bear and my sister loved her dolls but I enjoyed looking at these very much.    

1. Commemorative China from Queen Victoria's reign.

5. This is a photo I took of an old tin of chocolates. Rowntree's Swiss Milk Chocolates was founded in 1862.  It was one of the three confectionery manufacturers in the United Kingdom, the others were Cadbury and Fry.  By the time Nestle's bought it, it was the fourth largest confectionery manufacturer in the world. I read my information at this link.  

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