Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Old Photo

I love this photo and it definitely one of my favorites.  Our son looks very serious but he was striking a pose.  We were visiting my Mom and Dad in England back in the mid 80s. The item he is holding is a toy light-saber given to him by my parents.  He was a big fan of Star Wars even back then and could name every character.  He collected the toy figures too and would read each and every one displayed on the back of the packet it came in.  The flat cap he is wearing my Dad gave it to him for the photo.  We still have the one Dad bought for his grandson in our closet, one of the many treasured mementos we have.  Our son will be coming full circle as he is will see the new Star Wars movie when it comes out in December. 

Gregg made a solo trip to visit his Dad over the last few days.  I didn't go because I am trying to get rid of a sore foot that has been bothering me off and on since last June and I have been told to rest it as much as I can.  We'll be heading into a busy time again with the two main holidays coming up, and I certainly don't want to be hobbling around and missing out on all the activities.  I am really missing my long walks. 

I did go grocery shopping this morning and went out in the rain.  It  has been raining for the last couple of days.  I actually enjoy it and didn't mind it at all.  Just so long as it doesn't hang around too long right? 

Christmas Decorations are up!

I came back home after going through the drive-thru at Starbucks and brought myself a latte.  I put the groceries away but will need to get in the kitchen soon.  I want to make Gregg his favorite Chicken and Dumplings so that it will be waiting when he comes home.  If I start the process the day before, it will make for smooth sailing tomorrow.  

It sure was good putting my feet up and sipping on my latte, while watching the rain coming down outside.  I need to fill the bird feeders and sprinkle sunflower seeds out for the squirrels. 

It's been a fun week with son visiting on his day off, inviting friends over on another day and welcoming Gregg back home, even after only a few days gone, is always great.  

Whatever you're doing have a happy Wednesday.