Monday, November 30, 2015

A link to an old recipe

 this is a link to a previous recipe for my broccoli and cheese soup.  I made it before we went away for a few days.  I had put what was left in the freezer in individual soup bowls, and thawed out two on our return so that we could have something nourishing and fast on the table for lunch. The alphabet/number cutters I talk about in my other post were found at Michael's craft store but I also found some here on

I hope those of you who were celebrating had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and everyone else that your week was also a very happy one.  Ours was spent with Gregg's family down south, and we also saw friends known since I got off the boat so to speak, and Gregg a lot longer.  There were family members who flew up from Florida and others who could not be with us but were greatly missed.  Unfortunately work and distance can be obstacles but they were very much in our thoughts and I know it won't be too long before we get to see them.   

We had little ones in the family who were a whole lot of fun.  Our great-niece and nephew, four years and 8 months respectively.  We enjoyed them beyond words, both happy little souls.  One who excudes an ora of bubbly happiness that is always catching, and the youngest, soaking up everything around him like a sponge with big, beautiful wide eyed wonder. They are an absolute joy.

Before all the festivities we met a lady who brought her three grandchildren to visit, two boys and a girl.  Incredibly polite and well mannered, who at such a young age shook our hands and introduced themselves.  Gregg asked the little girl where did she think I came from, could she tell by listening to my accent.  (Yes folks, I still sound very English even after all these years, though family and friends in the UK can tell there is a difference to the way I used to sound.)  She thought a little and said with a big smile, "Brooklyn".  We laughed and I told her she had made my day.

It was a smaller number this year but as always is the case, everyone brought a dish of food and we could still have fed an army.  The buffet table was full and then some, with leftovers to take home.  

Gregg and I left on Saturday and instead of taking the freeway we took the pretty route, through the Virginia countryside.  It takes longer but is well worth the extra time, even though my homing pigeon instincts had kicked in. They always do, no matter how short or how long our time away.  As soon as I know we are heading home, I find myself checking how many more miles we have to go.  Maybe it is an age thing. Nope, Gregg says it is a Denise thing.  So be it!

All but one of my photos were taken at a favorite sandwich shop where Gregg and I stopped to pick up lunch for the family the day before Thanksgiving.  We try to pop in every time we are in the vicinity.  I liked the prints on the wall.  There are reflections on the glass though but I couldn't do anything about that.  

The statue you may recognize as the Iwo Jima Memorial, though this is a duplicate and a smaller version near the Marine base in Quantico.  We pass by when we take this particular route home. 

Have a great week everyone.  Ours will be a quieter one.