Saturday, November 21, 2015


We were in Dawlish in Devonshire.  One of the fun times we had was looking at all the ducks and geese on the river that leads down to the ocean.   Here are a few of them.

The Mallards there seemed to have pretty blue heads, not the green ones I am used to seeing here.

I had seen Muscovy Geese before but not Muscovy Ducks.

I am not sure what kind this one is in the following photos.

Added note 11-21-15: Our friend Anni at I'd Rather B Birdin'
thought this might be a Blue Goose.  As she suggested I looked them up and the ones I found certainly looked like this one.  Thank you Anni for id'ing my mystery bird.  Love it when more knowledgeable blogging friends help me out.

This is their playground.

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