Saturday, November 14, 2015


“Struggling to stand on wet green land, 
Mother nervously at hand
New born foal on spindly legs 
Welcomed to the world by chilly winds.

First steps taken tentatively,
Gives his first joyous whinney,
Strengthening legs....he stretches out
Soon...proudly, he struts about.
Of his mother....he takes no heed”
Galloping now with such great speed.”

~Author Unknown~

We had been standing near a small herd of horses with two or three foals, when all of a sudden one of the foals gave a whinny and started running like the wind.  Around and around us he went, circling us several times, and then cut through the herd who did nothing more than munch on grass.  Mother was nearby but seemed content for her little one to stretch his legs and fly.

He was a joy to watch and for a while we were laughing, yet totally mesmerized.

An interesting article on the Dartmoor Ponies can be found here.


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