Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Williamsburg, Virginia

Gregg and I had a great time showing his cousins around various sights during their stay in Virginia.  And if you are reading this, hello Cuz, hello Cuz, we had such a lot of fun and we still miss you guys!  

Time was getting short but towards the end of the afternoon we decided to make a quick stop in Colonial Williamsburg.  Everyone was hungry so we popped into a place that offers expresso, sandwiches, soups and pastries.  It was called Aromas and if you want to take a look at their website you can click here.  Judging by the crowd it is very popular but we were able to get a seat.

The Cuz' ordered quiche and Gregg and I shared a club sandwich.

A few shops down the road on the other side of the street was The Peanut Shop.

 I didn't go inside but enjoyed window browsing.  Next time!

Yes I even take photos of fake flowers, one of the decorations in the window.  It was pretty!

This little pig was attached to the building.

This gate led into one of the gardens.

Everywhere you look there are people who are dressed in Colonial attire.

A nice shed that I would have liked to take home.

However, it wasn't for sale.  It wouldn't have fit in our back garden anyhow.

If you want to see more photos of Williamsburg, on Pinterest there is a great selection collected by Emma Kay.  You can see them here.  I am looking forward to going back for the lights and other decorations during the holiday season.

I bumped into someone later.  An early visitor and he will be in my Good Fences post on Thursday.