Monday, October 12, 2015

Lobster anyone?

Or maybe this should read "Giant Lobster Attacks Truck".

Gregg and I headed to Freddies today as we felt like a cheeseburger. Usually we make our meals at home but decided to forego that and get lunch out, before running a few errands.  

We came out of the restaurant to be greeted by this?  I know it wasn't there when we arrived. We would have noticed don't you think? I couldn't quite make it out at first, it merited closer inspection.  

It didn't take long for us to realize that it was a replica of a lobster.

Oh for a pat of butter said Gregg and now he's hankering for lobster.

At first I thought it might have been advertising a new seafood restaurant but it is actually the work of a very talented artist.  His website can be found here.  On the home page is a great photo of the truck, the lobster and an ocean view, along with other sculptures he has created. A very talented guy indeed!

It's been a quiet week since we returned from visiting our family.  Quiet but enjoyable, just pottering around. We have settled into our normal routine, though there is another project to be done in our bedroom. One evening when we were downstairs we heard one heck of a thud. On investigation we realized that a shelf came away from inside the walk-in closet, and had tipped everything off the shelf onto the floor. Well, it has taken 24 years to finally throw its hands up and now I am in the middle of decluttering the closet. There will also be a little repair work as it split the drywall a bit. Just another project to add to the list, and more trips to the hardware store, Goodwill and to the trash recycling center in our future. Why is it that things start breaking down all at once?  Maybe our house is trying to tell us something. I think it's 'let's sell up and move to Hawaii'.  What do you think Gregg? A resounding no is heard, it's just entropy he says. Let's go to Maine and get some lobster!

Anyhoo, we came back home after lunch and a few hours later we found ourselves at our local Asian supermarket. One of the reasons for no Monday Food Post today is that we have been either having simple meals or making dishes I have put on here before, like this Thai Basil Chicken. Gregg had a hankering for it and wanted it for tonight's dinner, so when we got home the second time this is what we put together. Actually, he does most of the work which is another reason I said, "Great idea!"  My contribution is that I read the instructions out as he cooks, while sitting at the kitchen table putting together the sauce ingredients and also picking the leaves off the Thai Basil stems.  It's a win-win and our house now has this wonderful aroma.  We both love Thai food and never would have thought we could have put one together ourselves ten years ago, instead of waiting for a special occasion to go to our favorite Thai restaurant.

Added note 10-13-15: I found out its name from the website.  This is Art the Lobster.