Friday, October 9, 2015


We were in a hotel on the beach last week.  Everyone was keeping a wary eye on Hurricane Joaquin. 

We were on the 9th floor and were moved to the 4th, for our safety the hotel staff said. By that time it looked like Joaquin was veering off and though we were still having a lot of rain, the weather seemed calmer.  We asked if we still had to move rooms.  The answer was yes.  

We were here to help celebrate my Father-in-law's 95th birthday and realized we needed an extra day.  On asking the lady at the desk if we could extend our stay, she looked at Gregg very surprised and with a chuckle said we were the first to ask. Many guests had opted to leave early.  We didn't have any problems that week getting a parking spot near the front entrance, which was great considering it was raining hard at times.

  It rained most days but it didn't stop us from celebrating Father-in-law's birthday, and also taking Gregg's cousins sight-seeing. We had a great time with our family even with the rain.  And we enjoyed visiting with friends also.

Finally the sun came out and people started coming back to the beach, some with their dogs.  It was still quiet but factor in Joaquin and that it was the end of the tourist season, not surprising.  These were taken after the storm had passed.

Everyone looked like they were glad to be enjoying the sunshine again.

All this being said, my thoughts are with people in the Carolinas who are having to deal with all the terrible flooding.  


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