Friday, September 18, 2015


I am posting more of these water birds found on our vacation in Torcross, which is in the Southwest of England in South Devonshire. Torcross is indicated by the red button on the map of the UK.

The birds were very comfortable around us as they were obviously used to people feeding them. I didn't have any food but they still allowed me to take lots of photos, until a family with a dog arrived and they all went flying into the water at a high rate of speed.  The family was very nice and very apologetic as the photo shoot was over.  They kept their dog in check.  However, the barking had done its job.

But, I got my photos and I was happy with that.

On our way back to our car and after a nice brisk walk along the ocean side, I noticed that the dog was gone, the birds were back and were seemingly content once again, with no ruffled feathers.

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Judith at Mosaic Monday asked me to share how I make my mosaics. I use Paint Shop Pro which has all kinds of programs that help you open several layers  and put photos on other photos, add borders, decorative features and 'tubes' which can be of anything; people, animals, vegetables, flowers, frames, corner decorations.  Tubes don't have a surround to them and you can place them on any photo with the aid of this program.  You can also make your own tubes.  I tend to resize all my photos before I send them out to family and friends.  I hope I am explaining myself clearly but it is sometimes confusing unless you actually have a program open in front of you.  I also tend to tinker and make lots of changes just for the fun of it, but in doing so I forget how I got to the end product.  I just get carried away creating.

I expect Photoshop has very similar programs.  The only reason I got into Paint Shop Pro was that years ago, when I first started getting interested on the computer, I joined two or three graphic groups which shared tutorials, and Paint Shop Pro is all that they used.  I have over the years updated my programs and always have fun using them.  I learned a lot of things but have moved on since those days.  On the rare occasion I might now go online and do one of the free tutorials just to keep my hand in.