Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Home again.....

Yesterday we drove home, but before I go any further I would like to thank you for all those very caring comments with regards to my father-in-law, who is on his way to recovering from some very serious health issues.  I can't say enough how proud Gregg and I are of his wonderful attitude throughout all the pain he has had to deal with, hospital stays, the transitional hospital, the many doctors' appointments and now physio and occupational therapy.  

I would also like to thank the medical professionals who took such great care of him, and are still taking great care of him.   He is doing extremely well and Gregg felt it was time that we could go home yesterday.  

And yes the plumber came today and fixed all the important issues that we had, and will come back for the less important issues in a week or so.  No more wonky garbage disposal, no more leaking sink on the other side, no more leaking pipe in the basement and we also had a problem with the turn on/off valve to the pipe carrying water into the fridge, which had to have a new valve replaced also in the basement.   Our plumber was a really friendly guy and we will have no problem calling him again in the not so distant future. We still have items on our list but we've gotten through the most important ones and we're both happy.  

Now to buy another stove top, which gave out not too long before we left, and a new dishwasher which gave out two years ago but never bothered to replace and why I want to replace it now I have no idea. except that it seems to me that if we ever sell this house, new buyers will expect one.  I am trying to get all of these updated items done in our 60's so that by the time our 70's roll around we won't have to do much when we finally decide to downsize, and that's why I joined Angie's list.  Hold onto your hat Gregg we are on our way!  Gregg just retorted, "You dreamer you!"  Well, a girl's got to dream right?  I still say hold onto your hat Gregg.

This is an old colonial church we stopped at during our journey yesterday.  We needed a bit of a break and decided to pull into the parking area. We left the freeway due to traffic holdups that went on for miles and miles, and enjoyed the Virginia countryside most of the way north.  It's a place we stopped at once before a couple of years back, but had more time to explore this time.  More about this church in my next post.