Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We were on our way home after a mini road trip last Sunday.  I took the top photo through the front passenger side window as we were driving along, and only had a few moments to get the shot. Fortunately I had the camera on my lap.  At this point several cars were behind us and we couldn't stop.  

In the photo above we had the road to ourselves so pulled over and parked in a cut off where there was one of those historical markers.  If we can stop safely we always try to read them. I noticed the fence and then saw how pretty the thistles were nearby.  (Added note: thanks to blogging friends Margaret and Valerie, I now know my thistle is actually a teasel.  Thank you Ladies!)

Quiet country roads with no traffic..... 

make for a pleasant photo opportunity and a chance to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

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