Thursday, September 3, 2015


These two photos are almost the same shot, just a tad more fence in the second one.  We are at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia.  It was sunny and warm but didn't have that humidity that I'm not too good with, so we were able to get lots of exercise that day.  This is the path we take where we can stay in the shade of these big and beautiful old trees, and look at all the interesting shade plants along the walk.  At the beginning or the end, depending on which way we walk around the park, clockwise or anticlockwise, it's a great way to cool down as it is very flat in this area.  And then you get a good cardio work-out when it is time to walk up the hill to the visitor center and the exit.  It is quite a steep walk but there are benches at intervals if you need them.

This is another favorite spot we enjoy going to.  On the weekend it was busy inside the gazebo.  People were having a good time resting and relaxing and chatting, with children leaning over the rail looking at the turtles and the koi swimming below them.  

Thank you for hosting such a fun meme Theresa.  You can visit other participants if you click on Good Fences.