Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Eden Project in Cornwall - Part 3

We are still inside the rainforest biome.  I am also linking with SkyWatch Friday as you'll see from the first few photos that there is plenty of sky showing. 

I promised you some flowers yesterday.  Here you go.

As you can see....

I really loved this flower. 

That's about it for the flowers.  I thought for a change I would link with Today's Flowers.

Banana plants always fascinate me.

The rest of my photos are ones that I also wanted to share today, just because.

Gregg holding up that overhanging tree branch.

I loved the bronze leaves that people have added their names and messages to loved ones.

I am sharing this wonderful quote from Chief Seattle, a very wise man.  I found it along my walk.  I know the quote well.

The inscription was below the artwork above.

I am not sure the story behind this work of art as the photo I took of the description didn't come out clearly enough to read.  

So there you go, that's the end of the photos from the rainforest biome.  This was the only one I got to see that day, even though I was eager to see the rest.  Well, why didn't I?  Because I am a klutzy lady and went over on my ankle for the second time in just over a week.  The first was my left ankle that I twisted badly tramping over Dartmoor.  The irony of that is that after going up and down hill and dale, when I got onto the flat road that's when I did it.  It blew up like a balloon afterwards, but after resting the next day I felt I was ready to continue with the site-seeing.  However, in this beautiful place I did the same thing on my right ankle.  Fortunately we were almost at the end.  I tend to do this as Gregg will tell you,  and have had a problem every couple of years since I was about 13 years of age when I originally did a number on both of them playing netball (basketball here) and they've never really been the same since.  So that's why I went all that way and didn't get to see the rest of this beautiful place, and that's why I fully intend to go back again one day to see the rest of it.  

Instead, and after reassuring my niece and nephew I was okay and that they should continue their walk around the other biomes, Gregg and I, making our way very slowly, headed towards the cafe where my reward was this lovely cup of coffee, while I nursed my other ankle that was also slowly getting puffy and pitching a fit (it did not spoil my holiday I hasten to add, as though I didn't go on any more major hikes, I had a real good time with my family for the few days we had left together).  Isn't that coffee neat?  I have seen these designs in photos, but it's the first time I have ever been given one.  It was a shame to spoil that pretty leaf but I was more than ready for a little comforting caffeine.  Yes, I know, maybe not wise but what the hay, I felt like I needed it and it was a great cup of coffee.  In fact, we had lunch next to the biome earlier and that was also excellent..  

I have one more post from The Eden Project and that will be it.

I am linking with SkyWatch Friday and Today's Flowers.  You can click on their names to visit beautiful skies and flowers from around the world.

If you have missed any of my Eden Project posts they can be found if you click here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).  


  1. You've got lots of blue sky and plenty of light. Super tropical flowers.

  2. You are such an excelent documentarian of your trips in both text and photos. Fascinating post, at least until I read of our ankle injuries.

    I hope everything is better now.

  3. I can relate on tripping and being a klutz. I have a balance problem not due to my ears but my ankles. Yeah can relate. Well, I certainly enjoyed seeing this beautiful Rainforest Biome, the gorgeous flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Denise, you are in my thoughts, I hope you heal quickly, dear friend. Your photos are stunning, and I love banana plants, too! :)

  5. Lovely set of photo. The flower in the 5th photo is called Bunga Kantan . We use it for cooking and to make "kerabu",(a type of salad.). Very aromatic.

    People said the "heart" of the banana plant as per your photo can be eaten. So far I have not tasted it yet.

    Sorry about your ankle. Rest more and speedy recovery

  6. What an absolutely glorious place. I hope you can return - and echo Cloudia. Please take care of yourself.

  7. Wonderful series of shots of plant life inside the dome and the coffee looks good.

  8. Its a great place to visit - I went there just after it opened - would be nice to go back.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Those are tropical flowers that I commonly see here, Denise.
    What a great place!

  10. Those are spectacular looking flowers, hope your ankle(s!) get better fast!

  11. These are all so beautiful Denise!
    Love the exotic plants and those
    totems are wonderful, make me want
    to do something like that :)
    Sorry to hear about your ankles,
    maybe you might want to wear some
    ankle supporters next time you go
    on a long hike?

    Have a beautiful day!

  12. Those two sprains must have hurt a lot. I sprained mine on a piece of rock in the playground when I was little. I have never forgotten it.
    Beautiful photos, as usual.

  13. Denise, I am so sorry about you hurting your ankle. The only good thing was it was close to the end of your Eden visit. The flowers are so pretty and exotic, gorgeous images from the rainforest biome. I love the quote too! Have a happy day!

  14. You've got some lovely photos there of this amazing project. I used to lead groups of walkers in places like Dartmoor, Exmoor, the Peak District, the Lake District etc - if there were ever accidents they always happened when the going got easier, often on roads. You are not alone....

  15. I have really really enjoyed your biome posts... it just amazes me that all this rain forest is growing in the UK... amazing... so much beauty and you captured it perfectly for us to visit with you. sorry about the puffy ankles. even the coffee is pretty with those swirls

  16. I'm am speechless Denise. Wow. The exotic flowers are something to behold. Some of which [most] that I've never seen.

    Now I must go and see parts 1 and 2.

  17. Still haven't got there's on my may make it before me!

  18. I hate that for you, with your ankles. But at least you got to see this one...and you got to show it to us. I personally love that pink flower...but I am a bit like Lorelei in that I love pink.

  19. Denise, some really beautiful flowers and some are very unusual. Looks like a yummy cuppa!

  20. Fabulous and occasionally rather carnivrous looking flowers there. Were there any triffids?

  21. What a wonderful place to wander through! The domes themselves really make for a good photo subject.

  22. Oh what wonderful photos, Denise! I beautiful and interesting biosphere with so many gorgeous flowers and plants! Beautiful photos! I am reading a book about the S. American rain forest right now, not the African one, but such places are so lush and exotic, and are places we will probably never get to see in person, so it's awesome to have such things as this biosphere to visit! Sorry you sprained your ankle though!

    I keep thinking we ought to go to Biosphere II which is a mere 40 minute drive from our house, but I've been told that there is a LOT of walking which is something we just can't do anymore, so we haven't been...sadly. Of course, it has a totally different focus.

  23. I know I am weak, but the best shot was the last of the Latte.

  24. Shame about the fall - but these things happen.

    Just seeing all your lovely photo's and reading more, come 2016 we really must try and visit this lovely place!

    All the best Jan

  25. Almost all the flowers are in Singapore when I lived there, and in my garden too!
    Lovely photos!