Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Eden Project in Cornwall - Part 2

This is inside the rainforest biome.  The atmosphere is just what you would expect, hot and very humid.  If you're not used to this kind of climate it can be very oppressive, and that's why you will find a small room that is totally air-conditioned, where I saw several people sitting within its confines, and I don't mean the house below....

but you will find this structure in the Rainforest Biome, which is in the center of my first photograph.  It is an authentic south-east Asian home and vegetable garden which provides year-round food, consisting of herbs and flowers, vegetables and fruit, as it would for a contemporary Malaysian home.  

I also read that home gardens like these provide its inhabitants with building materials, medicines and produce to barter or sell at local markets.

Once you get inside the biome you realize what an amazing construction it is.  There are enormous trees towering above and of course you are stepping into a totally foreign environments, with plants, flowers and trees from tropical islands, Southeast Asia, West Africa and tropical South America.  There are also birds and lizards here.  I didn't get names of everything I saw, so most of my photos of these wonders are unidentified.  

I just couldn't stop staring in awe.

That is our nephew staring over one of the elevated walkways.  We are very high up at this point.

I am not sure the walkway below is accessible to the general public.  To be perfectly frank I wouldn't attempt it but it would have a great view down below.

I think Gregg might be looking at the photos he took on his cell phone.

There was so much to take photographs of.

Here are a few photos of our family.

We saw these very interesting birds running around.

and we even spotted this handsome lizard.  Both birds and lizards do a good job at keeping the insect population down.

If you have difficulty seeing the short video below, you can access it here.  Nothing too fancy, just the little guy trying to get as far away from me as he possibly can.

This is some kind of palm tree which, like many others, towered over us.

I loved the huge leaves on some of these exotic plants.

I did make a note of this one, the sign next to it said it is called a Roxburg Fig....

and they had opened one for display purposes.

I will have pictures of flowers from the biome in the next post, and  because there are a few fences in this one, I am linking to Stewart's Wild Bird Wednesday and Theresa's Good Fences.

In case you would like to see my first post I have added the link below.

The Eden Project, Cornwall, England

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  1. Denise, I am really enjoying this tour and looking forward to more! :)

  2. Figs! we are crazy about figs here. It's just so hard plant coz need to wait at least 5 years for it to fruit.

    Lovely photos

  3. What a fabuous place. I saw that same bird at Dublin Zoo adn for the life of me the name has slipped my mind now. Liked the tiny video and the trees are awesome.

  4. Heat and humidity are not my friends - so I am very grateful that your photos and post allow me to explore this wonderful place. Thank you.

  5. A bit of the tropics in England! Cool, and great photos. You two look healthy and happy

  6. It's an amazing place, I can almost feel the humidity from your images!

  7. It's amazing, Denise - and your photographs on this and your previous post give a wonderful feel for what the place is like; thank you. You also seemed to be having a great time! It's somewhere we haven't visited yet - incredible project.

  8. Hello Denise, I loved this tour and enjoyed all the photos. It must be huge inside to hold the house, trees and the wildlife too. I love the cute bird and the lizard. Lovely captures of you and your family. I would like to visit this place myself. Great post, thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy day!

  9. I'm surprised how HUGE the biome must be to include so much. I don't think I would like the humidity and heat under the biome so I appreciate you taking photos and telling us about it.

  10. Hi Denise,
    I absolutely loved the looks and the layout of the dome.
    The Missouri Botanical Garden has something similar, perhaps not so grand though.
    The thing I love about these domes is that you actually feel like you are in the tropics, when you are inside one of these.
    Glad you enjoyed the visit! Great photos as usual!!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  11. It truly is a wonderful place, isn't it?!

  12. I just showed the pics to Bob and we both agree this is just about the most amazing thing ever... all that under the dome... in that one you were in the air we live in right now, so humid we can hardly move. just imagine living in there for 5 months and you know why we huddle in our AC

  13. Fantastic photos of a fantastic place. You and your family look good!

  14. it's really impressive! i could feel the jungle-like humidity through your photos. ;)

    the biome's structure looks like giant chicken wire. :)

  15. Wow! Fantastic! Wonderful! Beautiful!
    In a place like that I would need two extra batteries for my camera!

  16. I had no idea this was so massive. I couldn't tell from the first photos of the exterior. This would be an awesome adventure.

  17. That place is awesome. I have never been inside one.
    By the way, I had my modem and monitor replaced and am now able to view your posts without having to log off and log back in. Such a relief and joy!

  18. A fascinating place- really different from what I would expect! Those birds are particularly unusual.

  19. Wow! What an amazing place. I really enjoyed all your photos. I'm not sure I'd go down those zigzag like stairs either. - I bet with the humidity though I probably wouldn't last long in the structure due to my Asthma but boy it would be worth giving it a shot. Loved the lizard and the video.

  20. That's an amazing place to visit! I can only imagine how vast it is and the humidity! But there is certainly so much to see! Loved your photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. I think I would be in awe being inside this wonderful place. Wow, all the great vegetation, love the little house and I would not mind the warmth and humidity inside. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us. I enjoyed viewing it all.

  22. Wonderful series Denise! You make
    me more and more want to go see
    that place myself :)
    And I think that bridge would be
    safe to walk on - it's tied to
    the sealing with wire ropes :)

    Have a beautiful day Denise!

  23. Oh, my goodness, Denise! I so would have loved this. I bet I would have been wanting to go back the next day.

  24. wow, what an amazing place, and what fabulous wildlife photos, too! Thank you!

  25. Wow, what a place! I am catching up and will continue to part two now. Beautiful exotic bird and amazing plants.

  26. It certainly does look like a fabulous place. I will have to get myself along there at some point. I like the lizard.

  27. I am amazed at this. I bet it would be nice to visit in the winter when it is cold outside.

  28. Interesting place! I love the birds and the lizard.