Sunday, August 30, 2015

Random Photo

I was going to post this tomorrow and it is going to replace my Monday Morning recipe post.  Gregg and I have been away helping with my father-in-law while he has been convalescing and I have not done any cooking as such.  A few dishes thrown together but nothing that interesting.  So, instead, I am filling in with a random photo.  

This elk mother and her youngster was a magical moment.  It was taken back in 2007 on our first visit to Yellowstone National Park.  I had never seen elk before, let along a baby elk.  During the course of our time in Yellowstone we saw whole herds, not only saw them but heard them too as it was rutting season, and those big old bull elks sure can make a powerful noise that can be heard from a great distance.  If I close my eyes it all comes back as though it were yesterday.  I was thrilled to see many of these beautiful animals.  I came across several photos from that trip recently, some I may have shared already.  However, as I didn't start my blog until 2008 hopefully it is new, and if it isn't, worthy of a repeat.

Added note: I have just found this photo along with several others, and if you click here you can see them.

We have the plumber coming on Tuesday as we have a lot of issues to take care of.  While we have been away our son has been taking care of things and also a very nice lady in our neighborhood has been looking out for us too.  Just before we were due to leave a leak appeared in one of the pipes in the basement so we turned off the water and kept our fingers crossed.  Our son assured us after popping in yesterday that all was well but I will be glad when the plumber comes by next week.  I daresay he will be at our home for a few days fixing things.

Hope you all are having a great day, and will continue to have a great week ahead.