Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sorry, not too sure of any of the ID's of these birds. The first one looks a bit like an Eastern Bluebird, the one below it reminds me of a Black-capped Chickadee, there is some kind of Quail in the mix and what looks like a Cardinal in its molting stage.  The yellow bird, not a clue. I know you birders out there will help with the identification so thank you in advance. There were no signs that I could see but I found a blog online that said they housed local songbirds.

These were also taken at the Virginia Aquarium.  There was a small, enclosed area that we walked through with birds flying around, but also turtles resting in a man-made pond.  It seemed to me that these birds had been injured as I noticed a couple had eye problems.  

All the birds were banded.

This one seemed to be going through a molting stage.

The above photos - which were a bit dark - were taken with my larger camera with a zoom, the two photos below were taken with my cell phone which I later cropped.

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