Sunday, August 9, 2015


I have been having a problem with some little critter eating the leaves on my roses.  I had neglected them for awhile and was dismayed to see that the leaves are like filigree lace, pretty yet would rather see it in lace and silver than in my rose leaves.  

Anyhow, I visited them again to spray with some bug begone - the none toxic kind - and there it was.  I think he is a friend to roses as he seemed to be having a feast of tiny black bugs on one of the roses.  What do you think?  Friend or foe?  Either way he made me grab my macro camera and take a few pictures.  No, I didn't spray as I thought I would give him a chance to do his work. 

I was wondering what kind of bug he was.  He looks a bit like a cicada, or at least a cricket maybe?  Any bug experts out there that can help me identify it?

(Thank you Theresa of The Run*A*Round Ranch Report for id'ing my insect.  She guessed correctly and on looking at lots of images online it looks exactly like a Katydid.  Thanks Theresa!)

Two of my pretty rosebuds that I hope the critters will leave alone.

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