Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vacation Journal - Part 6 - Brixham to Dartmouth

This was what we did June 6th.

It was decided to go on a boat ride to Dartmouth and to board the boat in Brixham.  I love boat rides so was all for it.  

Here are my lovelies waiting for the boat to arrive.

As I was the last one to get on board the captain put up his hand to bar my way, and told me "Sorry, there's no more room on the boat." He said it with a straight, serious face but I saw a twinkle in the eye.  You can't fool me, I recognize English humor when I hear it. I asked him to point me to the nearest lifeboat for me to stow away in, or failing that he could throw me in the dingy and drag me along behind the boat. He actually laughed at the thought.  He seemed a very genuine chap with a fun sense of humor and I liked him immediately.

We all sat in seats on the 'forecastle'.  Gregg's nautical term, my term, the seats up front where you get so wet you feel like the captain is having a great old time getting you drenched, but he did warn us.  I was wondering why most of the passengers ended up sitting inside.  This is me on the way back - dry but it was a tad nippy.

(Forecastle - the forward part of a ship below the deck, traditionally used as the crew's living quarters - a raised deck at the bow of a ship."  Got that here as I am always looking to refresh this old brain box!)

The cows on the side of that very steep hill must have been crossed with mountain goats.

Yes, heading out we got a lot of spray.  We were trying to stick it out and were the last ones to go inside.   We were drenched.  A few laughed as we sat down - seasoned boat travelers no doubt.  

But how much fun we had. The captain of the boat had a very humorous patter and we all laughed at his jokes. He was very entertaining and considering he had probably been telling them to every passenger on board for years, he managed to keep it fresh. He also told us that he had been the skipper of a pilot boat out of Brixham 14 years previous to this job.

There was a lot of activity going on in the harbor.  Plenty of coming and going.


When we got to Dartmouth we were told we had an hour and a half before we had to board the boat again.  

By that time our family was ready for lunch.  

We saw the name of a restaurant Seagull Suzie had recommended called The Rockfish.  

Her Rockfish, however, had been in Brixham but this one turned out to be excellent.  The restaurant was a very pleasant experience. It was light and airy inside, and had beams overhead with nautical quotations printed on them. 

We met a nice couple at the next table who were off our boat. We saw them briefly in Brixham later.  And we saw this labrador patiently waiting behind my niece and nephew.  Depending on where we were we saw dogs at other restaurants also.  Usually out in the countryside.

Patiently waiting!

Our waiter was a nice young man. Niece wondered about his accent so I asked him where he was from. He told us he was born in Dartmouth and had never left, that he loved the place.  The greatest recommendation and I came here often when I lived in Devon.  Agatha Christie lived nearby also.  Her house is now open to the public but back then all I got a look at was her chimney top as our boat passed by and we strained our necks to see it.  The captain always pointed it out.  The old TV series Poldark was filmed in Dartmouth, not sure about the new series that I have heard of.  A friend of mine said it is very good. 

We still had time before the boat came back and we walked around the harbor and a little beyond. We saw this, and you can guess what we had next.

Yes we had had an ice-cream with that Cadbury's Flake, a "99" as three of our blogging friends told me and I remembered.  Valerie of A Mixed Bag, Jane of The Maple Syrup Mob and Margaret of Birding for Pleasure.  "May I have a 99 please?" I would say when I was a little girl. Talk about nostalgia.  We bought those for years every time we went on holiday long before we moved to Devon.  It was a seaside only thing.  I may have mentioned that before.  This particular "99" actually had regular ice-cream with caramel crunch bits inside.  We liked that a lot.

As  you can see, "99" is getting a lot of attention in this post!

We found a small memorial garden and you can see Gregg taking photos of my niece and nephew, and they took one of us.

Time to go get that boat back to Brixham.  There were some beautiful homes coming out of  Dartmouth, some were being built or added on to.

Coming back we were in following seas and thankfully there was hardly any spray. This time we stayed up front for the whole time. The captain said he had told us all his jokes and he would be quieter on this trip.  

We were hoping to see dolphins but none appeared. There were cormorants and lots of seagulls.  I even saw one lonely jellyfish, and though I looked carefully all the way, there were no others. 

We spotted a trawler with a large flock of seagulls hovering over it. Gregg said they must have been cleaning the fish they had caught and were throwing leftovers overboard.  Many more overtook our boat to join the melee.  

It was quite a sight. 

When we got back to Brixham our niece wanted to try a Devonshire Cream tea for the first time.  I remembered a place across the road from the fish market, but I couldn't find it.
Instead we popped into The Montpelier, well worth going into and we had a great time meeting the owners.  I am going to tell you all about it next time in its own post.  

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(To all the hosts of the memes I love to participate in, I will posting my journal for a while but will be back joining in once these are over with.)