Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Norway

I am on vacation and might not get to moderating your comments, so please don't think your comments are disappearing. I just haven't had time to publish them, and I am also having a hard time getting on line.  I do here and there but there is not enough time to do much.  I will eventually get back to you but it will probably be on my return in three weeks time. 

I have been sharing photos from our trip to Norway last summer. When talking about the Vigeland Sculpture Park in this previous post, I mentioned that the original castings of the sculptures were in the museum across the road.  

If you go to this link you will be taken to their website.  There is also an interesting video you can watch that will show you a lot more than I have.  The sculptures are full of symbolism and if you navigate the website they will be explained.  I understood more of what I was seeing after I read about them.  

It was fascinating to me to see the castings of many of the sculptures I had seen in the park across the road.

You can pick up a list of information as you enter each exhibit.

The following shows one of my favorite characters in American history, Theodore Roosevelt.  I was surprised but delighted to see him in this collection.  There was also one of Abraham Lincoln in the park, which I did not see in the museum.  He must have been there and though we looked at many exhibits that day, I am sure we missed a few.

These are castings of the Monolith which I shared before.  You can read its history here.

These castings of the fountain and its history can be found here.

I was fascinated by the shadow that the Angel cast on the wall behind it.

The description is below.

 The is the main gate at the park, which I shared in this post.

And this is another gate that never made it outside.

A very photo heavy post today but there was so much to share and I didn't want to miss any of it, though there is still much more.  I feel very fortunate that we had the opportunity to visit this amazing collection.