Thursday, June 18, 2015


This wall is in the Korean Bell Garden at Meadowlark.  I will share the bell in a later post, but today I wanted to concentrate on the wall for Theresa's Meme.

The following information I found here.

"Wall of 10 Symbols: The 10 motifs utilized to symbolize longevity are the sun, mountain, water, stone, pine tree, cloud, tortoise, white crane, deer and bamboo.  The resilience of the bamboo and the evergreen pine tree represent eternity, while the crane, deer and tortoise are all known to have long lives.  The sun, water, clouds and rocks are also enduring elements of our environment.

The practice of adorning objects with motifs called the 10 symbols of longevity, or sip-jang saeng, dates back to the origins of Taoism in China and the transmission of Taoism during the fifth century.  Once the custom entered Korean culture, the use of longevity symbols became ubiquitous and practiced by aristocracy and commoners alike.  The sig-jaeng could be found in all facets of life; on palace architecture, paintings, furniture ornamentation, garments and other decorative items."

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