Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to my favorite spot again....Meadowlark Gardens

A quick update: Gregg and I have been in London for two days after spending two wonderful weeks in Devon with my niece and nephew-in-law.  They are back home now and we shall be returning in a few days to the States.  How I miss them!  We had a blast and I can't wait until we see them again.  It was also a chance to meet up with old friends and also blogging friends, more of which I will tell you about on my return.  It may take a while to get back to normal as we have commitments with our family and friends on our return, but rest assured there are so many photographs and experiences to be shared and I will share them as soon as I can.  I will also enjoy catching up and returning all the visits you have made to me in my absence.  In the meantime my posts that were prepared before I went away will continue.....

These photos were taken by Gregg also.  We are both at a place we often go to as you can tell by my many posts from here.  It is a great spot not just for seeing all the beauty that surrounds you, but because of its topography it can give you an excellent walking work-out.  We always try to get in a daily walk and it's easy enough if you go to a place such as this, and it's not that far a drive away from home.  We see other like-minded people here.  When we went on this day the parking lot was crowded and they were using the over-flow parking area, which was a large area of grass.  

Many people have their weddings here and you will often find a wedding party having their photos taken on a weekend, as well as guests roaming the garden after the ceremony.  On this occasion most of the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots, and I would love to learn the story behind that one.  I even saw some of the male guests wearing stetsons in another part of the garden later.  It was quite a warm day.  I'm sure they were very hot in their stetsons as well as those dark suits. 

There are many benches on your walk and if you want you can catch up on the daily news.  All these benches have been sponsored by families who dedicate them to loved ones who have passed on.  

I can't tell you how many times we have walked across that little bridge to get to the gazebo.  Not today though.  Normally we go during the week when it is quiet.    

By the time we walked around the lake there were many people enjoying the gazebo and we decided to leave it for another day.  It is a beautiful spot to rest for a spell.  We love to watch the swallows fly under the structure and there are always turtles and many different colored koi swimming nearby.

Everywhere you go there are parents with their small children, which Gregg and I love to see.   

Just before we came to the park we popped into Whole Foods and picked up a sandwich to share, along with a couple of small bottles of juice.  We sat on a bench under a shady tree near where a pair of geese were eating grass.  When we brought out our sandwich they looked at us expectantly and one even came over for a hand-out. We told him that the grass was much better for him and that we weren't going to give him anything, letting him know that human food wasn't good for him.  The grass is growing lush and tall, the warmer weather is here and we have had enough moisture for it to be rich and plentiful. We took all our trash with us and we noticed, fortunately not much, what people had left behind - plastic bottles in places - and yes we picked them up.  We are not goody-two shoes but do not like to see trash just thrown around, so if we can we will collect it and take it to a nearby trash can.  We love this place too much to see it disrespected.  

The Canada Geese were being very noisy.  I made a short video which hopefully you will be able to view below, but in case you can't you can also look at it here.

The walking path is behind us and as we were sitting eating our lunch, this sweet but rather noisy little boy ran up and disturbed the peaceful grazing of the geese.  One of them hunched its neck down and by the body language did not look too happy. 

The little boys parents stopped him from going any further and they left.  The goose stretched its neck as far as it would go, no doubt to make sure the noisy five year old had left the area.

We finished our lunch in peace and it wasn't long afterwards that we continued our stroll.  We love the weeping willow tree and walked down to get a closer look.

It has the prettiest leaves.

Gregg found a nest in the crook of two branches next to the trunk...

but when we looked inside there was a broken egg and hopefully the baby has already fledged.  

We stopped off at one of the many bird boxes to see if there were any residents, and yes there were.  In this one, and in exactly the same box as photos I took last year, there was another tree swallow sticking its head and part of its body out of the hole.  I wasn't as close as it seems and used my zoom to get this photo.

I have lots more photos but will stop for now and will share  another day.