Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back in the day............

37 years ago in 1978, Gregg and I were at a navy ball, the occasion I am not sure about now but it obviously wasn't one where Gregg had to wear his dress uniform.  It might have been Christmas or to mark the end of Gregg's time after finishing Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island.  This is proof that we actually got up to dance.  

Dancing is not in our realm of activity any more (was it ever Gregg says), and we would much rather go on an enjoyable walk together. We don't party much either, both preferring to enjoy each other's company and do the things we love doing best, being with our son and daughter-in-law, our family or a few close friends, which includes meeting a few blogging friends along the way (which we have done and thoroughly enjoyed the experience), traveling when we can, road tripping near or far, going to local parks and nature reserves.  Heck, even just going down to the grocery store.  I think you have the idea if you've been following my blog, of what we enjoy most in life.  But it is fun remembering back to those days when we got dressed up to go to the ball.  There were a few of them back in those days.

This is the time we sat at one of those round tables with three other couples, all of the ladies feeling very good dressed in their finery.  Judging by the smile on Gregg's face this is before he bumped the table and caused several glasses filled with red wine teetering, the wine splishing and splashing all over the tablecloth.  Shocked, open mouthed expression from Gregg, profusely apologizing and you never saw four ladies move so fast, me included. We escaped without a drop hitting our dresses but it was very close.  It is one of our family jokes now and we can laugh.  Gregg will say, do you remember me knocking the red wine everywhere?  He said as such when I showed him these old photographs I had just found.   I certainly do, and we both once again laugh at the memory of it.

Who are those people?  I doubt anyone from back then would recognize us as we are now, 37 years plus after the ball.  I doubt we'd recognize them either.  Not the svelt little tinkerbells that we used to be but who cares, we're happier now than we've ever been.  Life throws a few curve balls at times and we try never to take anything for granted, living each day to the fullest.  But here's to the next 37 years and yes, I have always been a positive soul.