Thursday, May 14, 2015


Last month I shared five old photos of our trip to Norway, one of which I didn't realize I had repeated here but I love it so much that I will leave it.  Husband put out to sea for six months and I used the opportunity to visit my parents in England first , and then we visited my sister and her family who lived in Norway for a few years.  My son was a young lad.  You can see the other photos here if you missed them, or would like to take a second look.  These shared today were also in that collection of old photos. It was Summer 1987.

1)  Brad climbing logs left for pick up at the side of the road.

2) and here he is making friends with the goats mentioned in my previous post.

3) Again with a much larger one.  

4) He loved the goats, as did I.  There were dozens of them in that field.

5)  This little one was quite at home climbing on the side of the rock wall.


Three extra photos.  We were at the National History Museum in Oslo in the first two.  The young lady was very nice to him and answered all his questions.

On one of our day trips.  Out and about with my family.

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