Friday, May 1, 2015


One of my photos I turned into a 'painting', taken on a walk at one of the prettiest gardens, Meadowlark.  

And now for Willy-Nilly Friday Five, in the order that they happened.

1) Gregg spent a few days with his family down south.  I stayed home but my week was busy and it went quickly.  It was a fun week for Gregg and a fun week for me (except for No. 4), but I am always happy to see him after being gone even for a little while.  

2) There was a spontaneous call from son to make sure I wasn't out or going out, and as he had the day off mid-week he came over for a few hours.  You know how much I love that.  No breakfast this time as we had both eaten early but he stopped off at my favorite coffee shop and brought me a latte.  It was a lovely visit.

3)  I met up with friends and enjoyed catching up.  Nothing much more to say other than that I feel blessed to know such lovely people, and be able to laugh and let my hair down with them.

4)  This is a long one.  I was running water to fill the sink for washing dishes. I put the tap on, popped in another room for a minute, got distracted as I had also been watching a show on the Home Garden Channel about fixing up old homes. The original foundations hadn't been laid correctly, and they couldn't lay that beautiful wooden flooring down until the problem was fixed.  I was curious as to how they were going to do that so when I heard this, I sat down and promptly forgot I hadn't turned the water off.  Ironic, watching that show about the flooring while all this other stuff was going on.  Half an hour later - yes half an hour - my cell phone rang and I couldn't find it.  I followed the sound back to the kitchen and saw my phone on the countertop slowly being surrounded by water.  It was about an inch away from becoming toast.  I had flooded the kitchen, and no I did not hear the water running, Gregg asked me that later.  Let's just say I have a very clean floor now. I am grateful for a whole closet-full of nice, absorbant towels and very thankful I didn't throw the old ones out. A mop wouldn't have helped with that cascade.  I ran around that kitchen at light speed.  The person on the phone?  It was Gregg telling me he was on his way home (from his few days down south), but had been held up because of traffic.  I didn't tell him I was mopping up the floor with one foot swirling a towel around, while turning off the water tap with my left hand, holding the phone with my right hand, feeling it prudent not to unload that snippet while he was trying to get home. The water by the way, had caused waterfalls through the floor and the basement carpet was wet too.  Fortunately when I ran downstairs it was only coming through in one area, moreorless, and I promptly placed several pots under the waterfalls coming through the ceiling.  One very large soup pot was a major save.  I knew that gigantic pot would have its uses.  And after all that I realize it could have been much worse. Gregg saved the day by calling.  Goodness knows how it would have been if not for the call.  I told him that after I explained to him what had happened.  I had mopped everything up before he walked in the door.  There's not too much damage downstairs.  A small part of the ceiling has to be replastered and a lot of still damp carpet is drying out as I type.  We were planning on ripping up that carpet eventually, as it has needed to be replaced for quite a while now.  Having had a few floods down there over the years - no not my fault, this is a first - we will not be replacing the carpet and will put down whatever will fare better.  It will dry out and be on the home improvement list that we've been adding to for a while now.  I've been hooked on these self-improvement for the home programs for some time, so I have a pretty good idea what has to be done.   Gregg's ears may be burning.

5) I am sitting cross-legged and meditating to bring my blood pressure down after No. 4, my mantra sings "You will never leave the room while a tap is running anywhere in the house ever again." 

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