Thursday, May 14, 2015


For our walk today we decided to go to Huntley Meadows.  The last time we visited was in March.  You can check all our posts from here if you click on the label below this post.  Though we love exploring many parks within driving distance, this is an area we love too.

We always enjoy our walk through the wood....

but stay away from this because we think it is Poison Ivy.  That old saying comes to mind, "Leaves of three, let it be!

We had lots of company today. 

 Usually we go during the week but went on Sunday this time.

That's me hanging over the fence, trying to be careful once we reached the marshy area, not to drop my cell phone into that murky water as I was taking this photo.

The frogs were out....

and so were the snapping turtles.

We saw several birds, all a bit too far away for a clear photo but here's a Red-winged Blackbird, very distinctive because of its bright red shoulder feathers, with a touch of yellow on the edge....

and a Great Blue Heron that had caught a fish.

After a while he took off.

but after he circled he came back to the same fishing hole....

and there were signs of beavers felling trees.

A Spotted Sandpiper?

There were lots of Canada Geese around but we only saw two families.

The Goslings were adorable....

but I'll have more of those for you in another post.

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