Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Stretching his legs out in our favorite garden spot, in our favorite secret garden (well, maybe not that secret but so very quiet on a week day that we had it all to ourselves), Gregg couldn't have picked a more perfect quote for himself.

"The other day a man asked me what I thought was the best time of my life.  "Why," I answered without a thought, "now!"
~David Grayson~

Before we came to this stage of our lives people would say to us, what on earth are you going to do when you retire, aren't you going to get bored?"   Not yet!  My brother-in-law, when he retired several years ago, said that he has never been busier.  For us, gone are the days of having to stop for numerous conference calls while supposedly on holiday, and gone are the days of planning with an end date in mind.  


This is going to be one of those positive posts and I am going to share things when I think of them, relating to people that I meet just in passing. It won't be an every day thing because you know, I don't always think of them as the day gets longer and I get a wee bit tired. 

Today we were shopping at CostCo and on our way out at the cashier desk, we were asked if we would like to make a small donation to a charitable cause, which we did.  In thanks for the donation, Gregg was then told to pick a small bunch of flowers that were resting in a bucket of water on the counter.  

The young man who was packing our groceries handed them over to me, but asked if I would like a bag with a drop of water to put them in.  I said yes please, as it was so hot and humid outside.  I didn't realize that he was going to have to go way back into the store.  Have you seen how big CostCo's is?  It's a huge place and I almost wished that he had a Segway to take him there and back!  

Off he trotted at a fast pace while I waited. He came back shortly afterwards with a big smile and with my bouquet of flowers in a plastic bag.  A little water was in the bottom, and then he gave me an elastic band which he tied around them, so that the water wouldn't spill.  I didn't like to tell him that I was so hot that even if it spilled, it would probably be a very refreshing mini-bath.  Now, he didn't have to do that and he probably didn't realize how much I appreciated it.  He was really sweet.  

I also want to give a shout-out to CostCo for doing this for their customers.  Way to go CostCo.  We have had nothing but nice people whenever we have gone there, which makes it a real pleasure to shop at the store when we are in need of some bulk buying.

So, second story.  Gregg, bless his cotton socks, will often stop on the way back from grocery shopping at our local shopping strip, as he did today.  He will pop into my favorite coffee shop, you know, from that place with the mermaid on the cup.   They know him in there now and call him by his first name, and no I don't expect him to do this each and every single day.  But I guess it's been often enough since retirement that they now know his first name, and he has started to recognize theirs and has some very enjoyable conversations in there when they aren't so busy.

When we pulled into our parking spot, a young couple with a baby were getting out of the car next to us on my side.  The young man smiled and asked me if I was getting out, and I said no, to please go ahead.  He bent down to unfasten what looked like a seven-month old baby out of her car seat in the back, all dressed up in a pretty bonnet and equally pretty pink dress.  So very cute and adorable!  Her mummy was waiting behind just beaming.  He said to me almost apologetically, it takes a little longer when you have a small baby, at which I nodded and through the open window said, yes I remember those days.  They both smiled as they went on their way.  And then I thought, cherish these moments, they grow so very fast.   
Then I looked over on the other side of our car, there was a little pug in the driving seat.  He winked at me and woofed, "That's very true dear."   I said, "Indeed!  Now where's your pretty pink bonnet?"