Friday, May 22, 2015


When we were at Huntley Meadows we found two Canada Goose families, with cute little goslings.  The eggs in both families must have hatched around the same time as they definitely looked the same size.  There was a family on one side of the boardwalk, and the second family was on the other side.

You can see one little gosling still behind its mother.  There were seven goslings and the others were all wondering around.  Dad was standing guard over them.

Mom decided to join the family later, along with the chick who had been behind her.

This is the second family on the other side of the boardwalk.  I found it interesting that they had set up residence so close to their neighbors.  They had four chicks.

I loved the fact, at least it seemed to me, that mum had spread her tail feathers out so that her chicks could rest in their shade.

We enjoyed seeing the new gosling families on our walk.  We are never sure when we will be back.  I daresay it won't be that long.

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