Sunday, May 31, 2015


I am on vacation and might not get to moderating your comments, so please don't think your comments are disappearing. I just haven't had time to publish them and I am also having a hard time getting on line.  I will eventually. It will probably be on my return in three weeks time. 

These are from my archives and are birds we saw when we went to Florida in January 2014.  I remember it being a very rainy day when we visited Corkscrew Swamp.  I am still very much a novice at identifying birds, so if I have made a mistake on any of them, please let me know.


Great Egret.....

and now taking off.

American Bittern

I am not quite sure what kind of hawk this is but he had caught a hapless frog who.....

 was soon on its way.....

to become dinner for his family.  There were three other hawks on that branch.  Not sure what kind he is.  I thought perhaps a Red-Shouldered Hawk and I would be very happy to know for sure. 

It was an amazing place.  I thought I would also show you a little of what the area looked like.  Even in the rain it was incredibly beautiful.

I usually try to find out about plants I am not familar with.  Sometimes I am successful, other times I am not.  The plant growing here on the cypress tree may be a Cardinal Airplant, or Bromiliad.  They are members of the pinapple family.  

Instead of being in the ground like most plants, their roots act as anchors to keep them firmly in place, so that it can resist wind, rain or contact with other branches or animals.  Many of them grow in dark locations deep in wetlands.  The added elevation can mean more access to sunlight. 

For my last two photos I am sharing ones you may have seen before on this blog, an owl.  He was way high up in a tree and I would not have spotted him if it had not been for a Park Ranger who had set up a spotting scope for all to take a look.  If you look very carefully you can just spot him in the center of the photo below.

He is a Barred Owl, the only one I have ever seen in the wild, up to now.  I am always looking for another on our trips out. 

I am sharing with the following links.  Thank you Anni, Michelle and Stewart for hosting these very enjoyable memes. You can see other participants by clicking on their blog names below.  

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