Friday, May 29, 2015


I have my niece to thank for these lovely photos and she gave me permission to use them on my blog.

She and her husband inherited some sheep when they moved to their new home, some time ago now.  The previous owners have a small herd but the place they moved to did not have as much land to be able to take care of all of them.  She asked if they would be willing to let a few stay.   

They happily said yes.

At the top of their property there are another two neighbors who gave their permission for this lady to use part of their land, so the sheep live quite comfortably in quite a large area.  

They have their own 'house' and a fresh stream that courses through the property.  It is a very happy existance, especially as my niece and her husband visit them often, and supply them with lots of tasty hay during the wintertime.  They have become quite fond of them and now consider them their pets, each already having their own names.  They are loved and well taken care of.  

Recently my niece's husband, with the help of his father, sheered the sheep and their new haircut is just in time for the much warmer months.  

One of them had an opinion about his haircut but they were smiling afterwards, and not quite as hot!

Those horns are really something aren't they?

I am sharing with the following and I would like to thank Misty and Eileen for two very enjoyable memes.  

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