Friday, May 8, 2015


These were taken at the Reston Zoo back in April.  There is a large barn where lots of goats, sheep and pigs are kept.  It is a lot of fun for big kids (us) as well as little kids, with lots of photo opportunities.  

As you can see she was doing a great balancing act on the high beam.

There were lots of baby goats around also.

Here is one of the many little ones enjoying the animals that day.  I bet he likes Mickey Mouse.  Now how do I know that?

The barn was very large and the babies were numerous, both two legged and four legged.

This small group had found one of the many heating lamps to snuggle under.  It cast a nice warm glow.

Some preferred sticking near their Mama.

and others, well, more snuggling time en group.

Hey, how did you get in there?

Well, I will show you more pictures from the barn at another time.

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