Friday, April 10, 2015


For my Willy-Nilly Friday Five I am sharing five old family photos that Gregg's sister came across recently. They were ones we sent out at the time all those years ago.  

These are from August 1987 when my son was eight years old.  We visited my sister and her family who were living in Norway at the time.  I have to thank my sister-in-law very much as I haven't set eyes on these in many years.  I have my own copies but they are in boxes in our storage area, which I have been meaning to explore but have not yet gotten around to.

1)  Son with a sign in Norwegian.  We were visiting a silver mine, (though I have no recollection of this place). 

2) Son walking by these lovely boats, a sign on the first one read, "Drive the Viking Way".

3) We were visiting a living museum.  On the back of the photo I had written, "When we got out of this enclosure, my brother-in-law read a sign that said 'Don't run around the goats, don't approach the goats at break-neck speed, don't make loud noises.'"  Son had done all of these but fortunately had not been head-butted once.

4)  As I mentioned at the top, our son was eight and our neice was 20 months' old.  They are both married now.  How time flies!  

5)  These photos of the two of them together at one of several lakes we visited.

Thank you Tanya for hosting this very enjoyable meme.  To see other participcants you can lick on the link below.

Willy-Nilly Friday Five