Sunday, April 12, 2015


I am taking part in five memes today, but starting off I am linking with Anni's Bird D'Pot, Michelle's Nature Notes and Stewart's Wild Bird Wednesday.

I have always loved the Canada Goose and take photos whenever I can.  We were taking a walk at one of the gardens we enjoy and we noticed a pair, one on each side of our walking path. In the photo below, as we were heading up the hill back to the visitor center, the bird you see was standing guard.  Its mate was on the other side out of sight of my lens, eating .

I am always a little wary of any kind of wildlife, not wanting to encroach on their territory especially this time of the year when they are getting ready to start nesting, but it was hard not to on this path.  Mister kept a wary eye on me as we walked by.

The other did too.

So I walked the gauntlet while taking photos, all watching each other warily.

Are those teeth I see?

I didn't stay too long to find out.

 Carrying on today's theme, we were at another garden and I just happened to pop into their gift shop.  I was humming and harring and telling Gregg maybe we could stop on the way back.  The lady who operated the store and who had been listening outside, told me she would be closing in half an hour.  Well, say no more, I was in there tuit suite!  I bought this.  It reminded me of an old ink bottle and the little bird on top kept calling to me, no matter where I was in the store (it was a tiny store).  I kept coming back to it.  In the end I couldn't resist treating myself, justifying that it was an early birthday present and no my birthday is still three months' away.  Ah well, who needs  excuses?

I thought I might try putting colored rocks into the bottle, what do you think?  Anybody have any ideas how to utilize that space?

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