Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Today I met up with a friend for breakfast.  After enjoying our meal we went for a walk around the older part of town in Herndon.  

The only part of Herndon I knew of was the main street and a Mexican Restaurant Gregg, Brad and I used to go to when Brad was still living at home, many, many years ago.  It was their favorite place but has long since gone out of business.  We always wondered why because it was incredibly popular, the line of people waiting out the door on many occasions when we went there.  Maybe the owners just decided it was time to retire.

Well, I'm getting off track a bit.  This restaurant was in a shoppng center on the main road and I have never explored any other area, but today my friend took me to the part of town that I had never been to.  She showed me this lovely mural on the side of a building that houses the pet hospital, and out came my cell phone.  I took lots of photographs.  I loved it.  

The artist is Keith Naquin and it was sponsored by the Council of the Arts of Herndon.  The original owner of the practise, "Doc Cockrel" has his barn painted in the mural (you can see that in the top photo) and owners and patrons were asked to submit photos of their dogs and cats so that they could be added also.  The cat of the mayor who presided over the dedication ceremony is seen on a swing. 

What I also thought very clever was that the tree houses were painted around the windows of the actual building, and also a staircase leads up to another window.  It turned an old building into an amazing work of art.  It is an awesome mural and I look forward to going back to study it further.

A quick stop at The Harvest Bread Company where I purchased a loaf of bread and a stack of jumbo-sized raisin and oatmeal cookies that I knew Gregg would enjoy.  Both bread and cookies got a big thumb's up from Gregg.  I also noticed on sale were packets of home-made dog biscuits.  The bread company is right next to the animal hospital.  

If you want to see other photos of this wonderful mural you can click here.  Just click on each tiny button below the photo to take you to the next one.

There is a fence showing in this mural and I thought Theresa wouldn't mind if I used these photos to share this week over at Good Fences. 

You can click on the name, The Run*A*Round Ranch Report, to see other Good Fences participants.  

Thank you Theresa for hosting this fun meme.