Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Through this chain link fence is one of the wagon rides you can take at the Reston Zoo.

The ride is included in the price of the ticket through an area where there are several larger animals.  We didn't have the time to take it but school was out that day and plenty of parents took their children for the ride.  They could get up fairly close to antelope, llamas, alpacas, zebra, buffalo, ostrich, highland cows and the watusi.  The animal with those huge horns is the watusi and the other is the highland cow.

It was the watusi that I was interested in, never having actually seen one before.  You can learn all about this extraordinary animal here.

I wouldn't have been too comfortable being so close to those horns, and we saw parents quickly backing up with their kids when this big guy came too close.

Here is the information that I found nearby.

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