Friday, April 17, 2015


Today's photos were taken by both Gregg and myself.  

We are still on our walk that I shared in my last few posts.  We saw several horse riders this day.  

Our first sighting was near the parking lot where we saw at least a dozen riders make their way across the field into the wood.  

About half an hour later Gregg spotted this man in uniform making his way alongside the river, with two other riders following him.  At first we thought they were Park Rangers but on looking at this photo, Park Rangers have a light brown uniform don't they, and this chap's shirt looked a light grey which is the color of our local police uniforms?  On his waist band he also seems to have a pistol case attached.  Well, not absolutely sure but I think he is a police officer.  Then again he doesn't seem to have an official badge on his sleeve.  So I am left scratching my head.  There is, however, a law enforcement facility not too far up the road from where we were, because we have passed the sign many times.  It isn't directly on the main drag as there is a long road that goes up quite a ways.

About half an hour later when we were walking by the river, these same three riders suddenly appeared.  When they saw us they stopped momentarily as the path wasn't that wide, but where we stood there was a loop and I asked them which way they would like to come so that we could get move out of their way.  This young lady smiled and very nicely said we didn't have to move as they could easily ride by us.  Yes I blurred her face a little so we can't recognize her but I don't think it spoils the effect of the photo too much.  Her two companions are hidden by the trees.

They were very friendly and had stopped to pose as they saw Gregg was taking photos of them.  Gregg asked them a couple of questions but I can't remember what they were as I was mesmerized by these gorgeous horses.  I got one quick shot of one of them.  Gosh they were just so beautiful!  I always get the feeling that I want to go up to them and just hug those beautiful animals around their necks like any child would want to, but of course you can't do that so I behaved myself.   Imagination is a fine thing!

The chap asked me if I was enjoying the bluebells and I answered in the affirmative and asked, still thinking he was a Park Ranger at the time and not a Police Officer as I now think he is, how long they stayed in bloom.  He looked a little thoughtful and asked his companions to be sure, and then gave me the answer.  They stayed for another couple of minutes and then rode off into the sunset, or at least down the path by the river, under the trees.  

Another nice little interlude on our walk that day.  So what do you think, Police Officers or Park Rangers?

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