Tuesday, April 7, 2015


There is always an interesting variety of ducks and geese at the Reston Zoo.  These are a few of them.  The photo above, from doing a lot of looking at photos on line, is a Shelgoose, I think.  Please correct me if you know for sure.
(Added note: John at Stargoose And Hanglands (click on name of blog to visit) identified the above as an Egyptian Goose.  You can go to my comment section to read his comment. Thanks John!

I am wondering if this one is a Blue Swedish Duck as I see a very similar looking bird here.

Still not certain but there you go.

I truly thank you for all your comments but one I took note of was from Simon at Careering through nature.  It is an area I know nothing about as he mentioned "the issue of hyrbidization" making it even more difficult to identify.  Something I had not even thought of.   Thank you Simon!

Bar-headed Goose  

Purple-headed Mallard

This one has a pretty light brown color but not having seen one before I wasn't sure what he/she was.  I came close to an idenitification here at 10,000 Birds.  It looks very much like the female Buff Orpington.  It is shown on the second photo on the site.  What do you think? 

I sure did get a kick out of these geese running down to us as we were bending over the fence trying to take their photos.  You can buy food for them either at the store or at the fence where they have a miniatrue vending machine that will give you a handful of food for a quarter or two.  Not sure how much to tell you the truth as we bought ours at the store as we entered the zoo.

You can click on the links below to see other participants.  I would like to thank our hosts for these great memes.