Thursday, March 5, 2015


Thinking of Anni of Hootin' Anni and Bird D'Pot today.  You can read my previous post about Anni being in hospital and I send her my love and wish her a speedy recovery. 

I am a little late for Good Fences as we only just got our power back after several hours.  It starting snowing and it is still snowing. We have got about four inches so far.  

I am sharing another lovely entrance on our way to Skyline Drive a few weeks ago.  

And now for Willy-Nilly Friday 5, in the order that they happened.

1)  I am an admitted wimp this week.  I let the cold get to me and have not been out much.  This is me, Denise, Queen Wimp!  Our friends up north, not just in the USA but in other parts of the world, have my utmost admiration.   They enjoy the winter, they ski, they sled, they fish in holes cut in the ice, they put on their snow shoes and get on with it.  Queen Wimp decided to stay home this week but I had fun, just inside not out, and my niece in Germany called.  We were on the phone for over an hour.  I love catching up.  We never pause for breath but yes, we do shut up long enough for the other to get their four-pennyworth in.  It was a great conversation and almost at the end of it Gregg came home and it went on for another half hour.   Lovely!

2)  I went grocery shopping a couple of times and enjoyed it, after I carefully eased over icy patches.  Memories of many falls on ice in winters' past are still etched in my brain and subsequent long recovery periods from badly sprained ankles, damaged knees and consequent hip problems that took months to heal.  I heal slowly.  A voice just popped in my head, my dad saying, "We're slow healers in this family."  I think this is why I am now cowardly Queen Wimp in the wintertime.

3)  I read, I cleaned house, played on the computer, watched TV quite a bit, some British cops and robber who-dunnits mostly, and Gregg and I enjoyed watching The Barefoot Contessa and Tricia Yearwood on the food channel, and I read some more.   When I was young I used to love reading about Greek Mythology, filling my bicycle basket with books after pedaling up to the library.  Not even when my back wheel was picked up, hooked somehow by a small truck that came in too close and threw me across the road, literally, did not stop me from going up to the library.  I have told this story before but it has come to the fore again as Gregg mentioned yesterday how he is looking forward to us buying bicycles for our summer exercise.

4)  I never told my parents what happened that day.  I never told my sister.  When I found myself sprawled in the middle of the road, a car literally skidded to a halt inches from my head.  Its driver ran out to see if I was okay, his face was a look of sheer fright and horror.  His face scared me!  The truck was oblivious and didn't stop.  More people came rushing towards me to see if I was hurt.  I had skinned elbows and knees but apart from a few bruises I was very lucky, I was okay.  I was more embarrassed than anything else.  What????  It wasn't even my fault.  I was 12 and so embarrassed.  I was helped to my feet and walked to the side, and I heard them say, someone should get a policeman, that driver, he came in too close.  I just wanted a hole to appear in the ground and swallow me up.  I hated all this attention.  Another kind soul picked up my bike which had a few minor dents in it but this very nice gentleman said it was fine and I could ride it.  People were asking me if they should call my mum and dad, but I certainly didn't want that to happen.  I knew my days of biking through town would have been at an end. I said no, no thank you, that I was fine, honestly, and as I saw a bobby heading in our direction, I quickly thanked those kind people and pedaled off down the road as fast and as steadily as my legs could take me, hoping that bobby wouldn't have seen me or recognized me, and crying all the way home.  That bobby would have known my dad and I was very thankful that he came when things were starting to calm down and did not see anything amiss as far away as he was.  I was probably acting like I had robbed a bank, I just wanted to get away.  If he had spotted me earlier he would have asked for my name and I would have to have told him that my dad was a policeman.  My dad would have been informed, horrors!  There would be no more peddling up to the library every week to get my precious books on Greek Mythology, no animal books, no cooking books, which were my all time favorite reads of the day. In seconds I saw the resulting scenario, the same look of fright and horror on my poor mother's face, the talk she'd have with my dad about my precious transport, transport gone, all this in the mind of a 12 year old flashing through in seconds.  When I got home my mum was out visiting a neighbor, and I quickly tidied myself up and covered my scrapes and bruises pretty efficiently.  And you know what?  I never ever told my mum and dad about that day, and I used to tell them everything.  But I did have a few more years of peddling up to the library, with one slight change.  When I came to that busy area I always got off my bike and walked the rest of the way to the library.   It was about a mile from home, two miles to school.  I was never allowed to ride my bike to school but I could walk there with my friends. Years later my son came to me and asked if he could pedal seven miles to a comic book shop with three friends, all whose parents apparently, so they said, had given their permission.  This would have involved contending with rush hour traffic.  I had 'the' look on my face and said, "Absolutely not!  That's way too dangerous!"   And I found out later that all of the other parents had said the same thing, no way!  Poor kid, hobbled at such a young age.  Actually he was also around 12.  So if he reads this story of how I almost got clobbered by a truck, I hope he understands why I said "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!"  And at the age of 18 he went head over heels of the handlebars on his bike and fractured one elbow and badly sprained the other?   Cripes!   The same look of fright and horror on my face when I heard.  It's amazing how one's own memories come flashing back.

5)  I had a very nice encounter at the supermarket yesterday.  A lady standing behind me at the register looked in my basket and joked about us all getting lots of food in before the snowstorm tomorrow.  I chuckled and said, "Yes, we have all got that 'time to batten down the hatches' mentality."  She had a lovely accent but I could tell she had lived in the States for many years, like me.  In a short space of time she volunteered the information that she was originally from Austria and had come over here when she was young as an au pair.   I told her a good friend had done that and had married an American.  I said, "This is my American" pointing to Gregg, "but I met him in England."  While my groceries were being checked we had a lovely conversation, one that I was disappointed had to end when Gregg said to her, "Sorry, I'm going to have to drag her away now".   Our groceries had been bagged and we couldn't hold up the line.  It was a busy day, everyone was getting ready to batten down the hatches for the snowstorm tomorrow.  She asked me if I knew Innsbruck and I told her yes, that I had visited it when I was on my holiday, that I remembered it as a beautiful city surrounded by mountains.  She had gone to school there.  I found out that she loved to ski but had to quit when she broke her ankle a few years ago.  I told her that I had been in Austria in my early 20s on skiing holidays, but that I wasn't very good at it, that I kept falling.  I told her I never broke any bones but I did sprain an ankle or two, but I still kept going.   Sound familiar?   She spotted an impulse buy of mine.  Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of two bunnies in a basket.  She said "I was admiring them in your basket, I collect them."  I laughed and told her that I have several salt and pepper shakers for every season.  She shook my hand and said, "Auf Wiedersehen", and I said "Auf Wiedersehen" in return.  I told Gregg when we got out of the store that I wanted to bring her home for a cuppa, she was such a delightful lady.   It really does make a day meeting warm and friendly people. It is one of life's blessings.

Impulse buy!

And Queen Wimp says bye-bye for now.  I don't think I will be getting out today either.  Son was supposed to come over but the weather put paid to that.  Rats!

Thank you Ladies for  these two fun memes.

Theresa at Good Fences and Tanya's Willy-Nilly Friday Five.