Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Little Red Schoolhouse

The little red schoolhouse
was just down the road.
The dress she was wearin'
her mama sewed.
She'd watched her mama make it
with needle and thread.
Her mama was smilin'
from the words she had read.

Mama loved to hear her
read all the words she knew.
'Cause mama couldn't read them
except for a few.
She said there was no schoolhouse
when she was young,
and most of the words she learned
were from songs that had been sung.

The little red schoolhouse
had only one room,
But every time she'd been in it
she was like a flower in bloom.
She knew she'd make her mama 
very proud some day
for that little red schoolhouse
would show her the way.

She remembers that school bell
ringin' in the morn
and mama sayin' 'Rise up girl,
a new day has been born.'
She smiled now thinkin' back
and some tears it now brought,
not for the little red schoolhouse
but for what her mama had taught.

~Edwina Reizer~


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