Thursday, February 5, 2015


Dull and boring skies around here.  I have gone into the archives and found what I think can pass as sky photos for SkyWatch Friday.  A wasp nest I found in Meadowlark Gardens last year, with the sky as a background.

Now for Willy-Nilly Friday Five, in order as they happened.

1) I saw a cute movie for the first time on TV the other night, even though it has been out for quite a while.  It is "Enchanted" and was made in 2007.  I am late to the party but loving this movie.  It stars Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams, Timothy Spall, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon and several other talented actors.  

The synopsis reads:

The beautiful Princess Giselle is banished by an evil queen from her magical, musical animated land and finds herself in the gritty reality of the streets of modern-day Manhattan.  Shocked by the strange new environment in need of enchantment, but when Giselle begins to fall in love with a charmingly flawed divorce lawyer who has come to her aid - even though she is already has a perfect fairy tale prince back home - she has to wonder: Can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world."

If you enjoy happily ever after, whimsical tales and haven't seen this before, check it out.  You might like it.

2)  I went to another opera with a friend to see the live HD broadcast of Offenbach's Les Contes d'Hoffman with Vittorio Gingolo in the title role.  I enjoyed it. They have put these great seats in the theater with extra wide arm rests. You could say it is like sitting in a lazy boy with lots and lots more room than the movie seats I have been used to.  You don't feel like you are sitting on the lap of the person next to you......joyful!  Lots of space in front also and people don't have to climb over you if they need to exit the auditorium.  There is so much space in front you barely notice a person walking by.  You can make the chair lie practically horizontal; the foot rest comes up, all with the touch of a button on the side of your seat.  I found myself dozing off a couple of times, fortunately only little catnaps.  The opera lasts about three-and-a-half hours and I have noticed several people who have taken small pillows and throws.  At first it struck me as funny but on thinking about it, how sensible and what a good idea.  You don't see many young people in there.  Twenty years ago I would probably have rolled my eyes, but now I am thinking of taking a small pillow and throw the next time I go.  What would our parents and grandparents say? 

3) Last week I was going on about Cadbury's Chocolate.  I forgot to mention my other nostalgia food from the UK, Fish and Chips. When we were back in England last year, our rental was just up the road from a good old fashioned fish and chip shop. We were only in Buckfastleigh for five days. Three of those days we found our feet heading down to that little chippy.  It was so convenient. This little shop down the road was the absolute best and the people who ran it were very friendly, family run and it is always nice to be able to give family places our business.  Recently I was surprised to find that Fish and Chips weren't always a British thing, as I grew up thinking. In the 1600's fried fish in batter was brought to England by Jewish immigrants from Portugal and Spain.  You could have knocked me down with a feather. The fried potato came from France. Winston Churchill called them "the good companions".   He couldn't have described them better.  You can read the history of fish and chips right here.  

This is the chippy we liked so much.  

4) Yesterday was my day for chatting on the phone.  My niece and brother-in-law called up from Germany.  After a good catch-up, brother-in-law left my niece and I to talk for a while longer.  He knows we will be on for a considerable time.  An hour later Gregg came home and he was happy to join in.  We were almost at the end of our conversation when son called up.  I wish I knew how to put him into the conversation.  I don't know enough about Facetime yet.

5) Today I met up with another friend at Bob Evans for breakfast. Bob Evans is Gregg and my pop-to place whenever we take our car to the dealership.  There is a Bob Evans across the road.   It is usually at dinnertime.  My breakfast/lunch today was at 11.00 a.m. This friend and I have a lot in common.  We both have a passion for taking photographs.

My thanks to our hosts of these two fun memes.  You can click on their names below to visit other participants, and their logo's are in my side-bar.


  1. i'd love to have genuine fish and chips. :)

  2. I was up most of the night when I had fish and chips in Britain this time. Much too greasy for my stomach. Love Bob Evans when we come to the States.

  3. Despite my Jewish heritage I had always thought that fish n chips were British too. Live and learn - and thank you.

  4. The intricate shape of the wasp's nest is quite eye catching.

  5. What a huge wasp nest!
    Happy SWF!

  6. Timothy Spall is a very under rated actor,I think.
    Jane x

  7. Now I am craving fish and chips. They have some good places in Boston where I grew up. My son goes to the opera with an older couple who he used to work for. I always wanted to go - maybe he will take me....So nice to have the extra large seats. Sounds like you had a nice 'visit' with family - telephone calls are getting rare these days. Hope your weekend is lovely. xo Karen

  8. I love your header...the promise of things to come. I wish we had a Bob Evans close. The nearest one is an hour away. I love fish & chips, and my favorite is at Red Robin. They always taste like they are just out of the deep fryer.

  9. I so enjoyed your post today... you sound very happy and content.

  10. Hey you know, it is a great skywatch shot.

    I love the new theater seats like what you are talking about.

    When I lived in Houston I went to the Opera and loved it. I got to see some big names sing. But the cheap seats where I sat up in the second balcony were small and cramped.

    I think sititng in those seats with a pillow and a throw would be great listening to an opera. I hadn't been to one in years but I love'em.

  11. Gloomy skies here too - snow-laden!

    That wasp's nest make me shiver.

  12. I, too, would love having genuine fish and chips, Denise, love that little place, and aren't wasps, spiders and birds great architects? Love it. :)

  13. I like the Enchanted movie too, Denise.
    Great shots!

  14. Oh yeah, genuine fish and chips! I so often read about in books...
    Will look for this movie, it sounds like a movie for me.
    The wasps are amazing builder.
    My Skyphoto is from archive too, here is only grey all-in-one...
    Have a great weekend

  15. FISH AND CHIPS Yummy. Loved the read today

  16. Fish and Chips and a mug of beer....a perfect meal!!

    That wasp nest is eerie looking. But what a work of art they've created.

    As for the dreary too!! I want some warming sunshine!!!

  17. Hello Denise, the Fish Bar looks like a great local place to eat.. And I love Fish & Chips..Yum! Have a happy weekend!

  18. We were going to have fish and chips last night but ended up with a take away curry now I want fish and chips coz I feel I have missed out. We have got one of the Grandson's tonight and I know home cooked will be on the menu. Maybe tomorrow.

  19. #1 I think that the last movie I saw was "Love Story."
    #2 I've heard about these Opera broadcasts, but never seen one. 3 1/2 hours, really? My ADD would have kicked in.
    #3 We have a Cadbury plant down the road a piece.
    #4 I hope that you have an unlimited calling plan.
    #5 I just finished my Bob Evans sausage.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  20. Love English fish and chips but prefer Swiss chocolate to that of Cadbury. You sure are keeping busy.

  21. oh golly, that wasp nest looks dangerous. Glad you weren't close enough to get stung.

  22. What interesting photos of the wasp nest. Enjoyed your Friday 5. In your earlier post, the Black Vulture photos are excellent. Neat posts!

  23. mmm fish and chips! when i was a kid there was a place called h salt fish and chips, loved that place. they'd serve it to you in newspaper print! we don't have a bob evans down here but would go there when we lived in missouri...great idea for the blankie and pillow, get comfy! sounds like a great week :) thank you for linking and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  24. i was raised on battered and fried fish and i thought it was a Southern thing, maybe it came over from Europe way back when. that sounds great to have the big chairs and lots of room. most auditoriums are so crowded as to be miserable.

  25. Talking about the 'real' Fish and Chips reminded me of the 'real' Calabash seafood we get when we go to Ocean Isle... People 'try' to copy it and call it Calabash Seafood--but NOTHING tastes as good as just being there and eating it THERE...

    I love opera --but haven't been to one in years. You are lucky to live near so many wonderful opportunities like that.


  26. I just don't get opera...have you always liked it? I remember a boy that was a freshman in high school loved opera. Now I am from east Tennessee...and talk about odd! But then I did not like Bluegrass till later I was in college...and I still don't like it all. So I suppose if I were exposed to opera, I would eventually like it.

    I'd like to have real fish and chips to see how they are different...

    We go to Bob Evans sometimes on the way home from Sarah's...can always coount on them to have decent food...but I always get breakfast.

  27. Nice looking Wasp nest.
    Enchanted was a very cute movie.
    I've never been to an Opera. To be honest I don't like opera because you can't understand it since it's all in a foreign language. Those seats sound comfy though.
    Sounds like you've enjoyed time catching up with family and friends. The fish & chips sound yummy. I spotted Cadbury Easter Eggs in our local store here the other day and thought of you.

  28. nice selection of photos and interesting posting! I love the two nests at the top! We also have dark wet weather here.

  29. Yes, we have a theater like that near here and love it. Yes, we took blankets and pillows to the drive in, why not to the movies too.

    Around here we have fish tacos. :)

  30. Neat shots of the wasps' nest! I definitely wouldn't want to run into the inhabitants (or former inhabitants?), but their architectural endeavors are pretty neat.

    Fish and chips sound delicious! Do you think you can bring some back with the chocolate on your next trip? On second thought, maybe I should just go with you. ;)

  31. Those wasp nests give me the willies just to look at them.

    When the Beatles were big, I remember reading about fish and chips. When we finally got to England for the first time I couldn't wait to try them. Now you've got me wanting to have them again.

  32. I haven't seen the film Enchanted, but I love Amy Adams, and have seen most of her films.

    As for Chippy, we used to have an 'Arthur Treacher's' nearby, but they went away. We have an Irish pub up the street that makes fish and chips, but I don't know if they would fit the bill for your English taste buds.

    The hornet's nest looks scary. They are far worse than wasps who make smaller nests, often in the ground.

  33. Sounds like a good movie. The little chippy place has a lot of charm. Mmmmm Bob Evans, we visit them occasionally when on the road.