Thursday, February 12, 2015


Often during the year we make our way towards the Shenandoah Mountains and to Skyline Drive.  It is one of our favorite mini road trips

At one point we  have to make a turn towards the mountains but we realized that we had turned one road too early, which I go into more detail for Tanya's Willy-Nilly Friday Five.  It took us down some real pretty roads and we passed lovely fences and gateways, so I remembered to take a few photos for Theresa's Good Fences.  

Also the sky was a real pretty blue and I knew this was going to be ideal for SkyWatch Friday also.

And now for Willy-Nilly Friday 5, in the order that they happened.

1)  I expect most everyone has heard "Let It Go" from Frozen. What is different about this video is that it shows it being sung by various artists in a couple of dozen languages.  The video is edited so that you only hear the one song as it is recorded in each sound studio.  There is an inset screen where you can watch the character Elsa from the movie at the same time.  It is really cool.  Go here to see what I am talking about. There is a good chance that you have seen this particular YouTube as at the time I watched, it had been viewed 26,550,957 times.

Added note 2-12-15: A couple of people have never heard this song before so I thought I would add the Disney official trailer.  You can see that at this link.

2) Last Sunday Gregg and I went to Skyline Drive.  The weather was lovely over the weekend, just like the beginning of Spring. On our journey out there we took an exit one too early, and in our books there are no mistakes because this new road winded through yet more unexplored Virginia countryside.  GPS got us there and even though she kept telling us to do a U-turn several times, she eventually got the idea that we rarely do U-turns as the open road is always calling.  GPS lady took us down some pretty neat roads. We said we'll have to remember this route next time.  There was still quite a bit of snow on the sides of the roads once we got onto Skyline Drive, and there were run-offs that might turn to ice as the sun went down. We passed sheets of frozen water on a few of the rock walls.  

They do close off roads if things get treacherous and some had just opened.  But our drive was and is always very relaxing and pleasant.  We stopped at several overlooks, one where we watched the sun go down.  Starting our journey we take the country roads, on our way home we take the freeway.  Instead of turning left at our usual entrance, normally heading toward Big Meadows, we turned right to Front Royal.  There was a sign at the kiosk telling us to pay on our way out.  At the other entrance on exiting the park the kiosk was closed and so we would have had a free day.  It doesn't affect us because we have a life-time pass for all the parks in the U.S. but a few people would have had a nice surprise.  However, there were not a lot of people around, and we saw only ten other cars the whole ride along Skyline Drive.  From the time we left our house to the time we got back, it was a great trip.

3) With Valentine's Day coming up, here is a card for you.  Just click here, and A Very Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

4)  Here is a Valentine Cookie recipe for you, with some tips on decorating.  You can see that here.

5) A Valentine's Poem for you.

"People come and people go,
In and out of your life and so
When one shines bright among the rest,
And is there when needed, you're fully blessed.
That is how I see you, friends of mine,
And why I'm sending this Valentine."

~Author Unknown~


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