Thursday, February 26, 2015


This beautiful sky was  found along Skyline Drive a couple of weeks ago.....

and this impressive looking house we found on our mystery road when we took a turning too early.  I often wonder who lives in places like these.  

There was a horse stable a short distance from it.  I didn't get the whole building but it was long and I liked its stone entrance and archway. 

Another beautiful sky scene....

and we saw more horses.  

And now for Willy-Nilly Friday 5, in the order that they happened.

1) I had a lovely surprise a few days ago, a letter from a cousin I hadn't had contact with in well over 40 years.  She is the daughter of my father's sister and I think the last time I did see her was at one of her brother's wedding in Southampton.  This was several years before I met Gregg, so you can tell how long it has been.  It was a wonderful letter, an honest-to-goodness handwritten one, with lots of catching up on her family.  I am happy to be in contact with her and will be replying with my own hand-written missive, and hopefully it won't be chicken scratch as it has been a long time since I wrote anything in long hand, other than writing a few notes here and there.

2) Our son and daughter-in-law came over for Oscar night.  What a fun night!  This has been an on-going tradition for at least the last three years.  To be perfectly honest neither Gregg nor I go to a lot of movies.  In fact I think we may have seen two last year, and were so totally ignorant of what was up for an Oscar.  They came with a page of nominations and we had to circle who we thought would win.  I think I got six right and that was just by guessing.  And of course what made it for us was the company.  Gregg fixed his two Thai dishes that he has been waiting to fix for them, and our d-in-l brought dessert, the most delicious cupcakes.  You can find them here at Taste of Home.  I asked her for the recipe.  The surprise ingredient was bacon as a garnish.  Bacon you say?  Yes bacon!  Before you go all wobbly on me, it was a delicious part of the cupcake.  A little salty to balance out the sweet.  Gregg and I enjoyed them so much we had a hard time not scoffing the lot.  A great night all round.

3) It snowed the day before they were due to come over, so we were uncertain that they would be able to make it.  We had six inches this time.  They couldn't get their car out for a while but thankfully all was well by the time they were due to come over here.  Our neighborhood is very lucky because we have a snowplow that comes through immediately and our roads were okay to drive on, and again once you get on the main roads they are taken care of also.  

4) I read a wonderful post today, the blog, carolabARTz.  If you click on the blue letters it will take you to a very special day when Carola received her American Citizenship.  I smiled all the way through it.  Fantastic!  Congratulations Carola!  

5)  I am finishing off with an animal video.  This one can be seen here if you can't access the video below.  With all the love that I have for all things wildlife, and bears in particular, I never want to get this close to one.

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