Friday, February 13, 2015


We found this beauty on our drive to the Shenandoah's last weekend.   Gregg stopped by his fence along a quiet road but I didn't get out of the car.  Other horses I have come across sometimes meander over to you, but this one stayed in one spot.  

His body language seemed to say that he wasn't that comfortable with us being there.  He also had one leg out front which pawed the ground ever so slightly and he huffed a little.  I don't speak horse obviously and have no real experience, but I felt there were unspoken words between him and me, like "Please move on!"  I didn't want to make him even more uncomfortable so we moved on.

But first I took one very fast photo of this sleepy one through the gap between the fence rail.  There's always one last photo right?  There's an iceberg heading towards us but "Hold on, let me take one more photo!"  Do you think the horse above was being protective of his companion?  The one lying on the ground wasn't too far away from him in the same field.

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