Saturday, February 7, 2015

Adding to a collection.

In this post I talked about my family in Germany giving me a gift certificate for my Christmas present.   I have a collection of dogs in various modes of dress and I decided to add to them.  I purchased two, the first was Alfred in my other post, and now I introduce you to George.

In medieval legend George is the knight who became the Patron Saint of England.  He struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil.

This is not a medieval knight but I still think the name suits him.

Below you will see my whole collection.  I don't have names for all of them.  There's the huntsman and you'll recognize Winnie I think, then there is George and Alfred, the policeman and John Bull.  Will I be adding to them?  I'm not sure.  The manufacturer's website has lots of different dogs in costume, but nothing has jumped out at me yet, not that I am picky or anything.  Or maybe I am.  

The figurines have grown in height since my originals.  George and Alfred must have been eating more protein.


I am  linking up with Judith's Mosaic Monday.  

Thank you Judith for this very enjoyable meme. 


  1. What a fun collection to have. Yes, he looks very much like a George.

  2. Alfred remains my favorite. He was my first sight of such a fellow, and it must have been love at first sight!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. They are fun - and I love the painting behind them too. Flanders poppies?

  4. I love seeing them all!! And I must say that maybe George is my favorite. He just makes me smile!! The one you showed the last time, the new one...that is my second favorite.

  5. Denise, I love your collection. And your header is so calming and beautiful!

  6. I like George........Don't like the idea of dogs jumping out at me from websites though!

  7. Splendid! Not much ends up with no name in our house!

    Glad you liked the 'wordy blog'.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. George is GREAT. I love your collection, Denise, and as a true Brit I'm thrilled that George stands tall and straight - just as he should.

  9. Good Morning, Denise. I love George, he is so cute. What a great collection. Happy Sunday!

  10. I really like George and they are all so cute...

  11. I love those doggy figurines! Very cute

  12. Hi Denise, Sure nice to find another collector. I like these dogs ... they are cute! John

  13. Interesting and fun collection, Love them. Keep well Diane

  14. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful sight to behold. I enjoy these dogs so much, this is an incredible collection.

  15. Looking for that manufacturer. I like this guy best, I think its the chin whiskers.

  16. Cute collection . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  17. He's one of the Queen's guards, should have called him Bear after his bearskin hat!!

  18. Thanks for stopping my blog!

    How coincidental your maiden name was Goodall. I'd be happy to send you a jar if you like :-)

  19. I like the collection. They all look cute.


  20. TexWisGirl, thanks, I think so too.

    William Kendall, thank you, I think so.

    Rose, thank you.

    Nora, another vote for cute, yes most definitely :)

    Cloudia, have to say, Alfred is a close call with Winnie, and George now.

    Elephant's Child, Alfred is lovely!

    Ginny, my sister used to have an old English Sheepdog, and whenever I see one, even George, I always think of him.

    Linda, thank you on both counts.

    John "By Stargoose And Hanglands", I wouldn’t either ;)

    Margaret Adamson, thank you.

    Stewart, now that makes me smile.

    Valerie, I think he’s great also and thank you and I agree.

    eileeninmd, thank you and I hope you had a Happy Sunday also.

    Sandra, thank you. I think George has a lot of fans, me included.

    Enie Dub, I’m glad. I have always enjoyed mine.

    John's Island, ah John, it takes a collector to know a collector ;)

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, thank you Diane, and you keep well also.

    Karen S., you are very kind to say so. I’m glad you like them. ‘

    Roy Norris, thank you. I think so too., did you find the manufacturer. I can look for him if you don’t. Those chin whiskers are pretty handsome aren’t they?

    Country Gal, You are very welcome and you have a good day too

    Gill - That British Woman, Bear is good but I still like George better.

    Enie Dub, I enjoyed my visit tremendously. Thanks for the offer, so sweet of you but I won’t have to impose. I am going to take a look the next time I go to the store I got the steak sauce from and see if they have it. I’m very lucky I live in an area where I can get a lot of British goods.

    Michelle, thank you!

    Dan the Mountain Man, thank you.

    In fact thanks to everyone who stopped by and made a comment today. I don’t usually answer at the end of my comment section on each post, as I usually can’t keep up but I do try and visit your blogs and thank you there. Have a great week everyone!

  21. that's a pretty sweet collection

  22. George looks great!
    - not quite the George and the Dragon that I remembered, but never mind - if anything your George is an improvement on that.

    Have a great week.

  23. George is quite dashing, and I like his tongue hanging out a little. But I really like Alfred very much and the poppy fields and distant views are great for a background.

  24. I can't remember seeing your dog collection before. To me, that is a unique type of collection; quite cool!

  25. An unusual collection and quite unique!
    Thanks for sharing them at Mosaic Monday Denise.

  26. Hehe! Protein is good for all of us! Enjoyed meeting the other dogs in your collection and learning about England's patron saint.

  27. Oh Denise he is perfect for your collection.

  28. What a unique collection! Lots of fun! Obviously George is a good eater...or maybe he's just "big for his age"? haha

  29. well, that´s a cool collection. Love it a lot. :)