Saturday, February 7, 2015

Adding to a collection.

In this post I talked about my family in Germany giving me a gift certificate for my Christmas present.   I have a collection of dogs in various modes of dress and I decided to add to them.  I purchased two, the first was Alfred in my other post, and now I introduce you to George.

In medieval legend George is the knight who became the Patron Saint of England.  He struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil.

This is not a medieval knight but I still think the name suits him.

Below you will see my whole collection.  I don't have names for all of them.  There's the huntsman and you'll recognize Winnie I think, then there is George and Alfred, the policeman and John Bull.  Will I be adding to them?  I'm not sure.  The manufacturer's website has lots of different dogs in costume, but nothing has jumped out at me yet, not that I am picky or anything.  Or maybe I am.  

The figurines have grown in height since my originals.  George and Alfred must have been eating more protein.


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Thank you Judith for this very enjoyable meme.