Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adding to a collection

This arrived a couple of days ago.

For Christmas my brother-in-law, niece and her husband gave me a gift certificate from Amazon.  I hadn't added to my dressed-up dog collection in a few years - you can see the others here - and I decided to do just that.  There is actually another one coming which I will share later.  

This one is an English Bull Terrier dressed up as a Templar Knight. I am naming him Alfred.  It seems to fit somehow, although perhaps I should call him Tony.  Tony was a dog my father used to tell me about.  When he was a young boy they had an English Bull Terrier called by that name.  I have a few old photos somewhere of Tony.  I'll have to go on a hunt.  

No, I am definitely naming him Alfred.  I like that name.  It is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning, name of a king, sage, wise, elvin. From the Old English Aelfraed or Alfrid, meaning old peace.

Thank you my sweet family in Germany for adding to my collection.  

Added note 2-6-15: I took another couple of photos of Alfred and my collection.  I have them on the mantle and they are bunched up together for sharing.  I have them a little more spread out than this. Since the first dog that our son bought me they have gotten a little bigger in size starting with Winnie.  With Alfred he is larger than all of them.

There is a bit of a shadow and reflection from me taking the photo so close up.